I have been diagnosed with hormone receptor positive BC, which has spread to my lymph nodes. To make matters worse they have found 2 other lumps after having an MRI scan, which I am awaiting results on. They are talking about chemo, just wondered what advice people can give. I hate feeling sick, and struggle to eat. Just wondered what to expect really, except the possibility of my hair falling out. 

Poohbear sorry you find yourself on here if they do recommend chemo for you then take it a day at a time each round of chemo can be different, if your antisickness meds don’t work to start with your team will tweak and get right combination for you if this happens. Get your teeth checked with your dentist if you do have to start chemo tell tge reseptionist you are starting chemo they will get you straight in. Do have a look at tge other chemo threads on here :two_women_holding_hands: everyone gets each other through :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Poohbear

Its all very scary isn’t it.  I was like you so scared of being sick and unable to eat but the chemo team have got my meds spot on so far.  I will be having my 3rd cycle of chemo on Tuesday and so far haven’t been sick and still able to eat.  I do get a few sores in my mouth but the team quickly solved the issue with mouthwashes and meds.  You have to put your trust in your team.  The worst thing for me so far is the loss of my hair, I really struggled with this emotionally.  Sending you a big virtual hug  I hope your chemo team are as good as mine are.