is there any one n the bury st edmunds area that is going through with chemo if so i would llove to hear from them

Hi whitewine,
Yes im from the bury st edmunds area.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in december. Im hormone positive, her2 positive and im grade 3. I had a lumpectomy in january and have had one chemo (epi-cmf). My second round is next tuesday providing my white blood cells are ok.I wasnt sick although i felt sick and i went into the chemo coma for the first week were i just slept!!
Have you began your chemo yet?
Keep me posted with how its going.
Take care
Chelle x

hi chelle - not from bury st edmunds but thought I’d say hello - you’re simialr stage to me - had surgery 28th feb and first chemo 4 th mar so next one is this wed coming…3 x fec then 3 x tax…
hi whitewine too - what stage are you at chemo wise? mary x

Hi kittenkat,
Thanks for your message, its always nice to know of others that are going through the same as i am (although i wish none of us were going through this)! How are you finding chemo?? I felt sick at times and slept for the first few days then felt ok since. My hair fell out within about 3 hours the other night!! Couldnt believe how quickly it goes!!
Good luck for Wednesday and let me know how things are going.
Take care Chelle x


I’m in Bury St Edmunds area too, bc is obviously very fashionable around here!! I live about 8 miles out - whereabouts are you? Are you having your treatment at West Suffolk Hospital?

I was diagnosed in December - had WLE and node clearance just before Christmas, grade 2, ER+, HER-, with no spread. So far I’m 2 doses into my chemo (E-CMF), had the 2nd one last Tuesday. I’m still in the first week chemo sleep-fog, hair now pretty much gone and looking forward to the “good” days coming around again.

Look forward to talking to you both soon. :slight_smile:

Gennie x

hi gennie - hope the fog is lifting or starting to…chelle, my first one wasn’t bad - had a grotty day on day 5/6 but then seemed to pick up. Hair started falling out big time last thurs so had it shaved off but have had streaming eyes or maybe they’re dry?? but bloomin’ annoying, and runny nose but no cold or anything (touch wood) I’m waiting to hear when they’re doing the hickman line - only have today n tomorrow so its a bit doubtful?? Why can’t anyone get things sorted - I have rang the x ray dept myself this am in my best nice voice and am waiting to hear back…mary x

Hi Mary

Yes I’ve got streaming eyes and a runny nose too. Obviously yet another lovely side effect!! I’m feeling a bit grotty today (this is day 6 of the 2nd round) so taking it easy. Hope you get the line sorted!

Hi everybody,

Hi Gennie, yes i am having treatment at the West Suffolk Hospital.Im back there tomorrow for my second dose of chemo, So about to enter the chemo sleep-fog! I live about 6 miles out. Im hearing of sooo many people with bc in our area that i guess it must be fashionable!! I dont feel very fashiobable at the moment with my bald head!! Sorry that you feel grotty today. Keep taking it easy until it passes.

Hi Mary, isnt it annoying waiting all the time for something or other?!! You would think they would have given you a hickman line as soon as possible!! It makes sense! I shall keep my fingers crossed that they get back to you with good news.
I have also shaved my head…well i looked so silly with big bald patches and a few long strands of hair!!I am now the proud wearer of a dodgy wig (only when i leave the house) Im alittle worried today though, because when i leave the house to pick my 5 year old up from school it might blow off in all this wind!!

And guess what…i too have a runny nose! I hadnt heard of that side effect!
Take care, big hugs
Chelle x

Apr 14th for the line!! So am going to try the ordinary way this wed and hope…mary x

Hi Mary,
That seems a long wait!! Well at least you’ve got a date and know where you stand.
Good luck on Wednesday.
Big hugs
Chelle x x

Hi Chelle - have sent you a private message, hope it’s gone through! :slight_smile:

Hi Gennie,
I have replied, its my first time so i hope its worked!!!
Take care
Chelle x

HI, I am also having treatment at BSE, but live in Wickhambrook. I have had my last EPI yesterday after a delay and short spell in hospital, Mcmillan unit with wonderful staff!. I now have a couse of 4 CMF to go, but was amazed how my hair was growing back after the 10 day delay in my last EPI, but was told yesyerday that this will be short lived and it will fall out again, pitty I was looking forward to not looking like a baby orangutang again, but hey ho it should start to grow back again when I start my CMF. I wish you well in your treatment, every 1 you have is 1 nearer to the end of your treatment and normal life will resume. Chin up and keep smiling

HI Whitewine, how are you doing, are your chemo’s going OK, I have just finished my EPI and due to start CMF next week. Hair growing again although a lot greyer than I remembered!!! I look at it as half way through now, then I can get my groshong line removed, its like a permanent reminder that I have had cancer sticking out of my chest, but although I did not want it in I must say its been a godsend, no more needles and on my 2 stays in hospital the iv antibiotics were put straight into me through it. Keep smiling, were all in this together… we can only support each other, nobody knows what we are thinking and most of them dont understand, but us on this website are all in the same boat, have the same fears, and going through it all the same, so we do understand why we get the low days where all we wnt is a box of tissues and to be left alone. Chin up I really hope its going OK for you.

Two weeks after 2nd session of FEC Chemotherapy. Thankfully the nausea is abating but I have streaming eyes and nose and it is very itchy between my eyes. Just want to shut my eyes all the time. I saw that Ginnie had the same and it seemed to start at roughly the same stage. Any suggestions and does it appear after future sessions. Also I feel I am living in a vocabulary fog.
I am from Brighton. Care and support is very good but there seem to be times when it would be good to chat to someone especially someone who is going through it right now. It is reassuring though to read comments from you all who are going through it now.
Somehow the enormity of it all is only now hitting me but I do feel very positive the outcome will be good. I am very fortunate.