Hiya all it’s took me a while to get up started to talk about things I’ve had to stay brave for my family they are all in melt down I had surgery October and started chemotherapy on the 7 January had a few side effects uti on antibiotics for 5 days and headaches does the side effects get worse has treatment goes on Just wandering what else is there to look forex to xx

Hello Tuttifruity2020,

chemo is a nasty treatment we have to get through.  
what is ur bc diagnosis and ur treatment plan ??

some ladies are lucky and get very few sideffects,  personally i had most of them ( lucky hah ! ) …but not all at the same time…  you will learn how to cope with them in ur own way.   Just take one session at a time and tick them off ur calender.  I kept a diary and wrote everything down…what se and when n what meds if any, i took…

i was Triple Negative,  had mastectomy and level 1 sentinel nodes x 3.

12 chemos, finished last august 2019

good luck n stay in touch n if you want to ask anything , go ahead.

mini mad xx ??