CherryRed Good Luck for Thursday Cherry. I never imagined I would be in a position where I was feeling jealous of a woman who was about to undergo Oopherectomy! ! I’m sure it will be fine for you. All the stuff I’ve heard about it suggests it’s straight forward.
Love Frances

Bless you Frances. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I’m off tomorrow for my "pre-surgical "assessment afternoon. Not quite sure what it will entail but I’m expecting it to be blood tests, ECG, consent forms etc. I’ve been asked to go to “The cancer Centre” for this-not quite sure why since I can’t believe everyone having oopherectomy has cancer history-but I shall find out!! Will let you know how I get on.

pre -assessment Back from being poked, prodded and pricked (surgical pre-assessment). They had 4 attempts to get blood out of me (chem scarring of course).Had a run in with phlebotomist who was determined she was going to take it out of my “bad arm” (consultant said she could!-she said) .Well I say you cant -I said.Next , the cardiographer tutted and told me i was dead -took her ages to get a good reading. The doctor who examined me listened to my chest through 3 layers of clothing and didnt know what Arimidex and fosamax was for. When it came to the consent form, they had me down for bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy and vaginal hysterectomy-so that set me off as I wasnt expecting to have to make that decision.I said I wouldnt agree to it, unless the consultant himself was doing it-anyway to cut a very protracted story short -he’s coming to see me before op on Thursday to discuss. -Yikes-do i go ahead with hysterectomy bit, or just stick to ooph?? -Oh, I lost my watch too!

Bless you Oh my god Cherry, why are things never straightforward, good luck with whatever you decide will be thinking positive thoughts for you on Thursday wishing you all the best, soon be over with, take care.

Love Lesleyx

Thanks so much Lesley -the pre -surgical thing was carried out in the cancer centre (not my normal one) and of course there were lots of people there,looking pale and ill, bald,and pushing drips and drains around with rational head told me to pull myself together, but the emotional one was in near panic as it brought back so many frightening memories. The surgery tomorrow is at MY request and being carried out in a surgical unit but I’ve already got the thumping heart and cold clammy hands! , and I KNOW there will be something wrong with the blood tests-pathetic or what?
Anyway, I really do appreciate your good wishes and will of course let you have all the technicolour details when I return.
love cherry xx

Cherry Oh Cherry Oh my god Cherry where are they coming from. Was this all at the Fulham branch. Good on you for sticking your ground and remaining assertive. And Good luck in your decision and future treatment. Be sure you get all your questions answered before the cut.

Love Frances