Chest Infection!!

Just finished 2 lots of antibiotics for a chest infection.Had it for over 6wks now.Went to the doctors before who said that my chest doesn’t sound right and is sending me for a chest x-ray tomorrow morning when I also go for my pre-op tests.Got a horrible feeling that my operation in 3wks time is not going to take place and I’ve waited 5mths for this.Never had a chest infection in my life.Just wondered if anyone else has had one that has lasted this long??

Hi Francesca,
Many years ago I had a chest infection for four months and took every oral antibiotic available. I ended up having ct scan which showed nothing and got better when the weather warmed up at Easter. Have you had a sputum test to identify the infectious agent? You might need a specific antibiotic. You should also ask them to test for fungal infection (something they don’t always think of)
Make a fuss and make demands. Remind your doctor how important it is to clear this up for your surgery. I have great respect for the NHS but saving our lives is OUR priority. Politely demand your rights.
Best of luck,

OMG 4mths. That is a very long time to have a chest infection Kathleen.The doctor has given me a bottle for a sputum sample,but I haven’t brought up any phlegm since yesterday.Maybe it is finally starting to clear up after all.
Had my pre-op tests today and was there for 4hrs were they gave me a thorough check-up and a chest x-ray.They said they will contact my GP if I still have an infection.
Thanks for replying Kathleen