Chest pain on taxotere??

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has experienced really bad chest pain after taking Taxotere?

After three previous sessions of FEC, I had my first dose of tax on New Years Eve and yesterday (day 5) I had some really uncomfortable chest pains in the morning. I couldn’t shift them and an hour later I was doubled up in pain. The chemo suite advised an ambulance and 30 mins later I ws in A & E with a suspected blood clot on my lung???

Thankfully scan and chest x ray were clear and I am now back home, still with some chest pain, but feeling a million times better than I did.

I am at a loss as to why this happened and now wonder if it’s just somethinh I will experience on tax. Not a pleasant experience and very scary.

Hope someone can give me some advice on this.

Thanks. Love and hugs. Debbie. xx

Hi Debbie ive just finished 6 taxotere 2 weeks ago ,and i had pain from chest to my stomach,i asked my onc and she said it was a side effect of tax ,hope it continues to improve for you take care luv barb xx

Thankyou Barb. xx

i have had this too not as bad and i was concerned it was bone mets!!!my onc also put it down to peg injection thanks helen

ive had this, well still got it really

havnt rung anyone so glad to hear its not just me
scarey pains
will mention it to onc next time