Chest pain

Just wondering if anyone else is suffering with chest pain on chemo?

Ive suffered for a couple of weeks now but it’s getting worse. It a dull tight ache, as opposed to pain and it feels like my heart is thumping out of my chest. It’s worse when I lie down, lean forward or on my side. 

Ive followed advice and been to A&E twice, but all ok. Bloods, X-ray and ECG OK. I’m being sent for a 24hr ECG and an ultrasound on my heart.

Is this normal and if so, does it get better?


Hi - which chemo are you having and are you having any targetted therapies with it?



I’m getting chest pains too. I’m on paclitaxel herceptin and perjeta. My heart hurts sometimes when I breathe in and I seem to be breathless a lot. I have a pain across the top half of my back, almost where I’d imagine my lungs to be. 

What treatment are you having? I know herceptin can cause heart problems. Sounds like you are doing the right thing getting it checked out. I’m getting seen on Wednesday.




Hi Kelly, 

Just seen your post and I to am suffering from chest pain after 2nd FEC. Ended up in Hospital as face burning, low temp etc but bloods, ecg, chest x-ray all clear.  My pain goes across front of chest, scapula and down outside of both arms.   Had ultrasound on heart before Chemo started and all good so might just ask for another one for piece of mind.

I spoke to Onc Nurse and she said it was probably down to the GSF Injections but I’m not convinced. Any slight activity just walking even and my Fitbit shows raised heart rate over 100 and mine is usually low.

Did you find out what might be causing it as I know Chemo can affect the heart.

Hope you’ve recovered and all ok.

Kim xxx