Chest Pains

I have been on Tamoxifen for nearly 6 years and have had all the usual side effects. Since Feb, I have been getting chest pains a few times a month, lasting a few days at a time. Sometimes it feels like stomach/indigestion and other times my chest is so tight all over that it feels like muscular. It usually starts in the centre just below my breasts. I suspect that I am probably now naturally menopausal, rather than Tamox induced, as I am in my late 40s and getting more tired and lacking energy all the time, as well as the flushes increasing. Does anyone know if chest pains are a side effect of Tamoxifen or menopause?

Hi Ginny, I can only speak personally but have never had chest pains while going through the menopause. Do you still need to take Tamoxifen after 5 years?

Yes I do. I used to have such bad times with periods, that my BC Doc has kept me on this until this year, when he hopes I will be menopausal and can go onto Arimidex. It may be nothing to do with Tamoxifen, I was really wondering if muscular spasms/pains come with the menopause.

Hi GinnyJ,

The fact that you have been experiencing these for over 2 months and you are on Tamoxifen justifies a trip to see your GP. Go and put your mind at rest.

Good luck
Kat x

Thanks for your replies. I went back to my GP who did blood tests, which have showed inflamation in my liver - possibly cancer has spread there. Am now awaiting date for scan and trying to hold things together.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having some chest problems, hope that your scan date comes soon and everything is ok.
Chin up, even though its hard but you always have a listening ear on this site if you need one.
Take care
P xx

Hi Ginny

I had chest pains whilst on Tamoxifen, they were quite sharp at times. And chest infections, which were like pneumonia. Getting yourself checked out is absolutely the right thing to do.

I had 20 x 14 growth on liver - which turned out benign :slight_smile: Tamoxifen does give us little surprises now and then!

I hope everything goes ok for you

Lots of love Bin x

Thank you Binnie, this does make me feel more hopeful. Will let you all know the outcome. Just wish the scan date would come through quickly. xx

It is Liver cancer, just waiting for an appt with Onc now to see if anything can be done

Ginny - so sorry to hear your news…:frowning: I hope you are able to see the onc soon to see what the treatment plan is… {{{hugs}}}