chest wall resection

hello… just wondered if anyone has had this op, I was told by my local hosp that my tumour on the chest wall was inoperable, but asked for a second opinion and now i am having a chest wall resection on mon!!!

Hi Hayle
Sorry to hear about you having to have an operation like this - but it sounds like it’s a good thing you managed to find a hospital who will operate after being told that they couldn’t. I hope it all goes well. i can’t really help you and don’t know anybody who has had this but hopefully somebody will come along and provide some answers to your question.
Hope all goes well Monday

Hi Hayle


I’ve been given mixed information about whether I can have further surgery for a recurrence after a MX last year.

I hope your surgery goes well and someone can help with a similar experience.

Claire x

Hi Hayle,

I had a recurrence and have just started chemo. I’d already had a Mx with reconstruction.2000 Had the reconstruction taken off and had the tumour removed from chest wall. They are pleased with the clear margin of 4mm . I don’t know if this is called a chest wall resection or not??

Wishing you all the best for Monday X