Chest Wheeze after treatment

Hi guys, I was hoping someone who may have experienced something similar to me might be able to help or shed some light. I am two years out from breast cancer treatment. Chemo, lumpectomy, radiotherapy, herceptin and now tamoxifen.  I noticed a heavy feeling in my chest about two weeks ago, assumed I had picked up something from the kids! No cough. Anyway went to my gp a few days ago, he checked me over and listened to my lungs. He said he could hear a wheeze and said he was putting me on antibiotics for a week to clear it. I asked should I be concerned, thinking he might send me for a chest x ray but he didn’t and didn’t seem worried. I’m on day 5 of antibiotics and still wheezy, its not bad but its there. Driving myself daft thinking the worst so I guess my question is has anyone experienced anything similar that may have turned out to be from all the treatment we have endured. It’s a dry wheezy feeling  with no cough. Sorry for the long winded message. Any input would be amazing. Thanks.

Allergies? When I went to the doctor’s last week she could hear a slight wheeze although I wasn’t aware of it. She asked me if I had allergies and decided that was it. They are mostly controlled but they are a little more intense this time of the year. Anyway do you have allergies?

Hi lululove22 (very late to your question)
As part of my adjuvant therapies I had left chest wall radiotherapy - 5 condensed bursts x (5 or 15 mins, sorry can’t remember which). I was told that slight lung damage was inevitable, which might present several years later. 10 months on and I’m noticing the tiniest wheeze as I wait to fall asleep but I definitely get breathless much more easily (bending to tie shoelaces, climbing more than one flight of stairs in one go, rushing around, and for the first few minutes of a walk). HOWEVER, who’s to say that it is not the hormone therapy that’s causing this? Or possibly general lack of fitness? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with trying to understand which symptom / side effect to attribute to which treatment. Life used to be so carefree and simple !!