Chest x ray question

Hi All

I am off on one of my hysterical has it come back days and need some help please!

I was suffering from rib pain under my boob and at the side under my arm. I went back to onc who did a chest x ray and said all fine stop worrying and go home!

HOwever I still have slight pain in rib at side under my arm when I lie on it. I had a full x ray which included a front picture and then a side on picture from one side to the other. My GP says that this x ray would have detected anything in any of my ribs. However being me I am thinking can it miss a bit or does it do the ribs at the side.?

I am really sorry that this is rambling on but am having a bad day and am sick of worrying.

Love Alise

Hi Alise
I can completely relate to what you are saying. I try and talk to myself sternly when I think like this and say to myself we all get aches and pains breast cancer or not it’s just that we are more aware of any ache or pain now that we would have thought nothing of before. Sometimes these things are just muscular and sometimes if you think about it you may remember hurting yourself. At least you have had the x-rays and nothing has shown up.

I’m sending you bigs hugs and if the pain continues get your GP to refer you or speak to your breast care nurse.

Hi Alise

I’m sorry you are having a bad day, if you would like to talk this through please feel free to contact our helpliners in the morning on 0808 800 6000. The helpline is open today 9am-2pm and Mon -Fri 9am-5pm.

Best wishes
Breast Cancer Care

Hi Alise

Your problem is exactly the same as mine. Last week I had pain under my ribs, in my ribs, seemed to be moving round the back, I was absolutely terrified. Went to the doc, had bloods taken, chest x-ray and am booked in to have a bone scan next week. The bloods came back clear, the chest x-ray was clear and I too was told to go home and stop worrying. I was almost convinced it was liver mets (the pain was in the right hand side where I had my mastectomy and where the liver is). The only good news was that they did a liver function test which was fine, I was worried about drinking too much over the years that I had done damage, but that was fine. You just can’t help but worry sometimes can you?