chicken pox....

Hi all,

still have 4 chemos to go and my 2 year old son came home from nursery today with what looks like Chicken pox. apparently 4 others have gone down with it. As much as I’m glad he’s got them young - should I be worried about myself???

No one has ever said anything about these kind of illnesses but with a low immune system I don’t know whether I am at risk of shingles. I have had chicken pox as a child so should I be ok??

sorry for daft questions = but nothing on here about this.



Hi Vicky, suggest you phone chemo unit, on call onc or gp. I’ve finished my chemo now but remember being told to try and avoid infections, and chicken pox in particular was mentioned. I think immune system starts to pick up after Day 14, but still, I’d get advice as you do need to be careful. all the best and hope little one recovers soon. Pat x

I would give your chemo ward or your bcn a ring and just ask about it.You cant do much about it and if you had cp as a child I guess you will be fine.Hope your little one isnt too poorly with it.
Love Valx

thanks ladies,

will go to see GP tommorrow with son anyway to confirm it and then question about me!!!

son is ok at the moment - keeps telling me he is a little bit poorly!!! he is lovely.

thanks again and will see what gp says tomorrow.


Hi…hope your little boy is better soon…I had to look this up myself a while ago as someone in my local chemo unit had shingles and was there the same day as me…this info, below, is from the BBC Health website…

You can’t catch shingles from someone with shingles (or someone with chickenpox), but you can catch chickenpox from someone with shingles if you’ve never had the infection and therefore aren’t immune.

thanks for info,

phoned gp this morning who was concerned and asked me to call the chrsitie. The nurse I spoke to said I would be ok as had as a child. fingers crossed.

thanks again.