chicken pox

my little boy has chicken pox and I did have it when i was eighteen, I had chemo 2 years ago and now on temoxifen and 37 years old should I be worried or will I still be ammuned to it. just dont want 2 get ill :frowning:

Hi Fishmum

I had chicken pox as a child, though I still got shingles about a year and half ago and boy was it painful! I don’t know who I caught it from though as no-one in my family had chicken pox.



I had shingles a couple years ago. Was told you cant catch shingles. Shingles can occur through stress or if immune system compromised. You can only develop shingles if you’ve had chicken pox in the past. I think also if you haven’t had it you can catch chicken pox from someone with shingles. Think this is right, chemo brain at work derrrr.

Take care x

My sister had shingles 10 years ago, but in her case she had never had chicken pox as a child. The Dr said this was unusual, but it can happen.

I think the problem is chickenpox DURING chemo. My boy got chickenpox several years after I finished treatment and I was fine.

Funny this is about chicken pox - I’ve just been in to do my voluntary work sting this afternoon and my colleague was telling me she had to take last week off as bother her boys went down with it.