"Chillow" Pillows!

Hi , having been desperate for some relief from the awful night/day sweats that have finally kicked in after 9 months of Anastrozole tablets, I thought I would offer a little suggestion of my own. After chatting on another thread regarding these side effects I saw that a couple of you tried this Chillow pillow and rated it as very helpful.

After researching different websites for a price comparison, I was pleasantly surprised to find a seller on the EBay site who is selling them for £5.99 with free postage (the retail price is £30) ~ having made sure that it was the right product and not a fake my husband very kindly bought it for me as he knows i haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for ages!

I am waiting for it to be delivered tomorrow and can’t wait to use it! I am fed up with changing bed linen and washing my hair/showering after a crap night of no sleep!

So if anyone else out there is suffering and wants some relief from the side effects of hormones, save yourself a lot of money and price check before you buy! Cheers, Michele x

Thanks Michele :smileyhappy:


I was looking at the Chillows yesterday and trying to work out if hubs will go mad if I spend £30! But at £5.99, even he can’t moan too much at that!


Now I just need to find a cheap lady magnet as these hot flushes are driving me insane…


Lu x

Hi, I can’t find one on eBay for that price?