I am about to re-start Tamoxifen and I am already havnig night sweats so they can only get worse! Has anyoe tried the Chillow pillow and is it any good?

I was on Tamoxifen briefly before surgery and I did get sweats then but it was August and I spent most of that time in Crete so hard to tell if it was the drugs or the climate but I am definately getting the sweats now thanks to Chemo (and my age I guess as I am menopausal without the drugs).


Hi Jayne,
Yes, the Chillow is definitely worth a try.
I started Tamoxifen in August and had quite nasty night sweats/hot flushes, to begin with.
The Chillow was great and stopped the endless turning of pillows to try and find a cool spot, which was accompanied by much huffing and puffing, so I think my husband was pretty pleased with it too.
They do tend to warm up a bit throughout the night but on the whole I would certainly recommend one.
Just make sure you follow the instructions when filling it up…I got water all over my kitchen!
My hot flushes have now pretty much disappeared so I hope any side effects you have are short lived too.

I’ve had mine for a few years. Big one and smaller one. Well worth buying. Brilliant !

Another Chillow fan here! Have worn one out, had one that leaked, and am very glad of my current one. They squish up quite well to go in a case or bag if you are travelling (though it’s a good idea to put them in a plastic bag in case they spring a leak). Lots of good tips above, so I won’t repeat them.

If you are unlucky enough to buy one that leaks, you should be able to get it replaced.

I find the Chillow helps. I bought a Mini Chillow too, for holidays and when I decamp to the spare room (OH snores!). It is a good idea to have 2 so that you can swap them over if one gets too warm. The mini one isn’t much use for all night as it warms up quicker - but it can be put in fridge. They are quite expensive, but I think it’s worth it. (And so am I? :))

Some people find them too cold. I put mine in it’s own pillow case, as I don’t like the feel of plastic on my face. It’s a bit of a faff filling them, but you only have to do it once. Do it on the draining board, as water leaks out as you expel the air!!

Oh yes, my Chillow is my new best friend! I got mine of Ebay so didn’t pay full price. It does warm up through the night but I can always find a chilly edge if I need it. I’m going to treat myself to a small one as well.
I keep mine in a pillowcase.

Jane xxx

hi all,
yes chillows are fab, I sleep on a normal pillow and have the chillow next to me on the other side and when I get too hot I just move onto it (so it stays always cool) and then when I get too cold I go back to the normal pillow.
Just seems normal to me now to do this.


My chillow and I have a strange relationship…at first I really disliked it, I found it too cold and I didn’t like the smell (I know, wuss!) even in pillowcases. But now it lives on the edge of the bed, at torso level, under the top sheet. Hot flush, roll onto it, bliss!! Roll off and back into warm bed once I’ve cooled down. It does retain your body heat though, come the morning and it’s like a hot water bottle. Still can’t use it as a pillow for my head though!