Chinese Herbs??

Chinese Herbs??

Chinese Herbs?? Hi,

I have acupuncture for my neck, and my acupuncturist (?) also practices in other areas of chinese medicine (reflexology, herbal remedines etc). She has suggested i try a chinese herbal medicine that is specifically designed for people undergoing cancer treatment - chemotherapy, radiotherapy - to help them cope with the side effects.

Has anyone had any experience of this? Its meant to boost the liver and kidneys to help them cope with the toxins, ease the stomach and nausea, and boost the red & white blood cells and platelets, helping with energy ad the immune system.

Would be interested in comments


Hi Tigerlily…please check with your onc before having anything…I went to a chinese herbalist for years to help with period cramps and heavy bleeding (beforeDx) it did work to an extent, but onc wasnt happy so I had to stop going she wasnt even happy with me taking my usual Vit C every day, I know everyone is different, but its worth checking out before you go.


chinese herbs Hi - i take a chinese herbal tablet called chemo support. i showed it to the doc at the hospital who seemed to think it wouldn’t do any harm - i don’t think he thought it would do any good either!! it’s always a good idea to check things out with the onc.