Chinese take away?!!!

OMG I am craving a Chinese take away!
I was never told to avoid anything other than that a pregnant woman would have to avoid i.e. runny eggs, deli meats, shell fish, pate, meat less than well done etc
I have since read on here that we’re apparently supposed to avoid take always also especially Chinese and Indian.
Any one risked it?!!!

When I went for the meeting with the chemo nurse, I don’t remember her telling me anything about foods to avoid, but maybe I wasn’t concentrating enough and she did speak very quickly! xx

My chemo nurse said fine for takeaways if you get them from somewhere you usually do and have never been ill. Just make sure it’s hot etc I’ve had a take away pizza whilst on chemo.

Oo great, may risk it then… but not tonight as hubby just rang and he’s missed his train!!! ???‍♀️


I have owned a Chinese Restaurant for 18 years and we have 5 star Food and Hygiene but I cannot say that for all! I bring food home all of the time. As long as you eat it straight away its fine. If you have left over boiled rice it can be cooled down, put in the fridge and then fried the next day…but look out for the ratings! This can be based on storing and handling of food…e.g raw and cooked meats separate and stored with lids or simply the cleanliness and cleaning procedures. This doesnt just apply to Chinese and Indian, but all cuisines. I used to go to a cafe I discovered as it did lovely home made pies and sandwiches but I saw it was 2 star and I adked her when she got it rated. She said ages ago but I refuse to do what they ask me as I havent got the time. This is neglect and there was a reason why she was only 2 star so I never went again as was put off. I have also seen the way some other establishments store their curry in massive pans and in the summer didnt have lids on which attracted flies. It was next to my friends tske away and we could see through the back door and it put me off til now.:0

I think common sense is in order. We have never been ill from our local takeaway so I would risk it but avoid anything with prawns in it probably. I will certainly be going to our local Thai for our anniversary next month because it is fabulous food and very clean. Eating out is our great treat now that our children are all away. We have gone back to proper date nights ?

Yes the Promenade and Montpellier are the posh bits. The main town centre was very run down though. One end has been nicely regenerated and the at the other end which was very tatty we are getting a big new John Lewis in the New Year which I hope will bring a new lease of life to the town. We have watched it go downhill in the last 30 years, the streets are still pretty vile on a Monday morning though the nightlife hasn’t done much for the nighttime reputation of the place! Thankfully it is on its way back though. We also have some beautiful parks and an original lido swimming pool which is well supported ?

The Strand end it’s the Beechwood shopping arcade site where Debenhams was. This all closed in February last year which made my children sad because they used to throw coins into the water feature in there when they were small. I loved Debenhams too. There have been lots of planning issues so it doesn’t open until the new year.

Hi Xena
Stay away from King Prawns I think.x

They announced a couple of weeks back that because all lion mark eggs are from hens vaccinated against salmonella they are safe for the young old and infirm. I keep my own hens and always buy vaccinated birds from reputable breeders and know that they don’t make me ill. I love lightly cooked eggs and fried eggs are my favourite so I will continue to eat them.
It does make you double think everything that you buy and choose to eat when you are out. Having been away for the weekend I have eaten ready made sandwiches and eaten out. I avoided pate normally a go to starter for me and chose slow cooked lamb rather than medium steak.
I have been in contact with so many people this weekend in motorway service stations supermarkets and a huge hospital so my bloods could be interesting tomorrow! Here’s hoping that I have avoided nasties and will be ok for chemotherapy 2 on Wednesday. Not looking forward to it but don’t want it hanging over me either.

No I had fish and chips from regular shop we use. I shall have a Chinese at some point now though!
I’ve been eating my eggs fried then quickly flipped!

Runny eggs are no longer on the list of foods to avoid when pregnant so may be the same for treatment so get dipping ?