Choosing between ovary or breast removal

Choosing between ovary or breast removal

Choosing between ovary or breast removal Hi

I put a message on before about ovary removal - thanks very much to those who replied. Now, I’m wondering if anyone has had to choose between ovary or breast removal, and what you considered in making that choice.

I have recovered from breast cancer and the treament, after diagnosis in 2004, and now have been diagnosed with BRCA2 mutation, so have an appointment on June 21st to discuss my next options. I’ve done some more reading, and I think that I may be discussing a choice between double mastectomy, or ovary removal instead, or maybe also hysterectomy or maybe all of it.

I’ve now spoken to some people who have had to choose between ovary or breast removal or have opted for both.

Does anyone else have any views on what is best?

My children are 3 and 5, so I’m anxious about spending time in hospital away from them.



Choice Hi Cath,

I did reply to you in your other post regarding ovary removal.

I agree strongly with what Helen said, ovarian cancer does have a poor prognosis, and it is mostly a silent disease.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 42, unlike you or Helen I have not been tested for the BRCA 2 mutation.
I was offered mastectomy or WLE, I chose WLE, I had a grade 2 tumour, It had not spread to lymph nodes, then I had 15 sessions of radiotherapy and Tamoxifen.
When they found the cyst on my ovary I was offered oopherectomy or hysterectomy too. I chose to have the lot, that as I said was 7 weeks ago. I am so glad I decided on that, it gives me some peace of mind that some risk has been taken away, no more periods or smear tests.
I know you said you are worried regarding time away from the children, they are still very small but do you have a good support network? when I had my op 7 weeks ago I had my op TAH/BSO on the Tues and could have gone home on the Thurs but my hubby could not get time off work so got home on the Sat.
You do need someone with you 24/7 for the first week and you are very limited as to what you can and can’t do, the children would have to be gentle near you, no jumping etc or lifting them.
But for the peace of mind I would recommend it personally. There were a lot of younger women in just for oopherectomy, in and out the same day.
I know for a lot of us the worry is always in the back of our minds and I find having had that done it is one less thing to worry about, then while you are taking hormonal medication you can think of the mastectomy if that is what you want at a later date.
I am 7 weeks post op and physically I feel fine, I do have the menopausal symptoms but hey I was going to get them anyway eventually but my state of mind is a lot calmer and positive.
I wish you well Cath, let us know how you get on,

Take care, Rowlaine x

Choice Thanks for your replies. That’s really helpful for me to prepare for my appointment and to think about what to discuss.

I get the impression that you both feel that it’s best to have the oopherectomy first and then the mastectomies later, once you have recovered from the first op. I am currently on tamoxifen and I am going to be offered breast MRI scanning (arranged for 26th June) and I’ve been having annual mammograms. Maybe that can keep the breasts in check in the near future.

I’m thinking that if I’m going to be offered oopherectomy, I’d want to at least wait until after the summer holidays when the girls are back at school. Although, it is worrying what you have said about ovarian cancer being a silent killer.

Anyway, I’ll let you know what the doctor advises.



choice Hi Cath,

did not mean to alarm you regarding the ovarian cancer, caught early really will have beneficial effects, one of my friends was only 28 when she was diagnosed, she did not have any children though, but anyway she is 42 now, alive and well. It is just as Helen said there are a few people who do not get diagnosed until the disease is very advanced, we can’t blame the health professionals, well I can’t as they have always been so stringent in sending me for smear tests etc and keeping a good eye on me.
I think it would be a good idea to wait until after the summer when your children are back at school, the hospital I went into were good in the fact that you can go home early as long as you have support and you have a nurse out to see you daily, as well as lots of phone numbers to contact should you need them.
We are all different, and your children are still little yet so you have your work cut out anyway, it was alot easier for me as mine are all up.
Anyway Cath, really apologise if did alarm you, I certainly did not mean to, just really meant to let you know how much easier I feel without the fear of ovarian cancer.
It is good too as you are being kept a close eye on too, and there is no hurry for you to decide, cos at the end of the day whatever you decide will be right for you.
Take care, Rowlaine x