Choosing not to have ovaries removed?

For those of you who chose not to have ovaries removed instead of ovarian suppression, could you tell me why? I’m interested about everyone else’s reasoning too.

I have decided to get my ovaries removed next month but have been on ovarian suppression for a year because my oncologist didn’t want to consider it immediately. The reasoning behind it was that we had no idea how I would do without estrogen and ovarian suppression was at least reversible. Well now that we know I seem to do fine we’ll do it since there is ovarian cancer in my family. But I am also 50 (48 at diagnosis and pre-menopausal but close to menopause within a few years probably) and have had plenty of estrogen in my life. Most complications for lack of estrogen are more worrisome for those entering menopause before 45. There is dementia to consider along with heart issues and osteoporosis. If you are younger than 45 you might want to do ovarian suppression instead of ovarian removal just in case you find out that estrogen is going to be vital for your physical and mental wellbeing.

I had my ovaries removed 10 days ago after being on zoladex injections for about a year.

One of the reasons I chose to have them removed, is because I didn’t want to be tied to the 4 weeks Zoladex / Goserelin injections. I travel a lot with work and it was a constant stress rearranging everything around my injection dates.

Additionally (and actually the main reason), is because we do have ovarian cancer in the family so it was extra protection.

The procedure was very simple and quick and I have almost fully recovered already.

However, my menopausal symptoms previous to surgery were minimal but since the op, I have started getting some hot flushes and feeling more irritable than usual. Nothing too major, but definitely a shift I have noticed. Hopefully that will dissipate soon enough.

@Kay0987 best of luck when you have yours done. It really is so simple compared to what we have already been through. It also feels empowering!

All the best

Thanks for your responses. Reading your posts, I think potentially you’re older than me? I was 36 at first diagnosis and have now just turned 43. Yes I am definitely suffering due to no oestrogen and the ‘final solution’ might not be so final for me I think. My oncologist has suggested continue treatment for 6 months, then to have regular medication breaks of 6-8 weeks every 6 months.

It’ll be nice to have one less cancer to worry about that’s for sure :slight_smile: And thank you, Carrott! So glad to hear your’s was a relatively easy procedure.