choosing to have DIEP or TRAM op after LD flap failed


I had a mx and LD Flap reconstruction in April. Unfortunately it failed so I had am implant put in. Because there is only skin and no tissue the implant doesn’t look the best of shapes. I have just seen my consultant and a plastic surgeon who have recommended to have a DIEP or TRAM (I’m not sure which one at the moment) I just know its using my tummy to do the reconstuction. I have an appointment in 6 months to go back and discuss the op ect. (I need to wait as I have just finished chemo)

I was wondering if anyone can tell me there experiences of having DIEP or TRAM op.

Many thanks
Gillian xx


Hi Gillian

I have put for you below the link to BCC’s animated guide regarding reconstruction, also our leaflet that runs alongside. Also the helpline team will be only too happy to talk to you about this if you wish. 0808 800 6000, calls are free.

I hope you find these helpful. Take care,

Kind regards,

Jo, Facilitator

I had a DIEP flap on the 10/11/12 and so far it is all good. I am only a size 10-12 so did not have much tissue to take, I had to walk with a zimmer frame for 2 weeks, but I am now nearly upright. First 48hrs pretty painful, not from the breast but the tummy wound. However the boob is beyond my expectations and well worth all the discomfort.
Good luck with your decision, PM me if you want to know any more.

Hi Ruth
Thank you for your reply. Im to a size 10. There is so much to think about, I know I have plenty of time to make my mind up and to do alot of research. What worries me if the LD flap failed will this fail as well.

Bumping to see if anyone else has any advice

I had diep flap and it was extremely painful and I was ill for a very long time afterwards. I am bigger and it may have been that as I am size 14 not like th previous lady…but i had the surgery and diep flap from my tummy together

Hi Gillian
I had a LD Flap which failed, I had constant infections in and out of hospital in the end the implant was removed.
This year I had DIEP and although I have some finishing touches to be done, I dont regret it a bit. I wished I had taken this route in the first place but I had the LD because it was a smaller op etc., I have been on holiday to Dom Rep (5 months post op) and loved not having to worry about my boobs.
Yes it is a big op, but you do get painkillers etc and if you do what your told and you have to have at least 3 months off work if your working (thats what my hospital recommend), also you are left with a nice flat stomach which most ladies would love.
If you want to PM me your most welcome.
Dont rush your decission

Hi L
Thank you for your reply. Like you I had the LD because it was a smaller op. I have started to do lots of research, it is such a big decission to make. If I do have it it wont be until the latter part of the year once my daughter has done her A levels, this year my op and chemo was right in the middle of her exams.
I will PM you just to ask a couple of questions
Best wishes
Gillian xx