Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & breast cancer

My doctor recently told me she is seeing more and more ladies in their 30’s and 40’s who have had breast cancer treatment go on to develop CFS/ME but not so much ladies in their 60’s.

If you suspect you might have it, go to, put in chronic fatigue syndrome and you will find the guidelines drawn up for the medical profession. You will also find a list of symptoms and the advice given to the medical profession to give to us.

best wishes to everyone.


I was dx with CFS in 2002 which went into remission when i became pregnant with my 3 child in 2006. I have been wondering if it would return after being dx with BC last may. As i only completed treatment in Jan this year the symptoms i have i think are still from chemo and rads but may think differently if they continue. Thanks for the info.

Gina x