Chronic Indegestion

Hi girls,
Wonder if anyone can help me. Had my 3rd FEC treatment last Wednesday, but since beginning of chemo have had chronic “indegestion”. Have been given Lansoprozone (done no good) since beginning and starting to wonder if it is something else! Also been given bitablockers ( again done nothing). Anybody been in same situation. Would love to hear back. Many thanks, Pam

Ive had terrible acid indigestion/heartburn since starting chemo it is horrible ,chemo does have an effect on the gastric tract.i was percribed Omprazole 20 mg which i take once a day and it has worked brilliantly for me.It stops the stumach from producing acid unlike over the counter remedies which just help relieve symptoms.
Works for me
Good luck
Lindiloo x

Hi Pam,

I had my first EC on 19/12 and suffered very badly with indigestion/acid for two weeks. I called the chemo unit late one night as it was really bad and was told to take Gaviscon. I did, as directed, and it made no difference whatsoever. In desperation I took a Zantac and that really helped. It didn’t take it away completey but made it bearable. I have my 2nd chemo on Wednesday (9th) and am seeing my onc. I am going to discuss this with him so will let you know what he says. The Omprazole that Lindiloo has been prescribed sounds like it could be the answer, fingers crossed.


Lanzoprasole worked fine for me, but only once I found out that i had to take it all the time. For some bizarre reason none of the meds I was given by the chemo unit had the advice leaflet inside and the instructions on the labels were distinctly odd. If you have been taking it all the time but it’s not working, phone the unit and tell them - there are lots of options and they’re generally really good at finding solutions.
Hope you get some relief soon


I am on Fec too and for the whole of my first one had terrible indigestion. I was just using rennies to start with, but mentioned it to my breast nurse. After 2nd Fec I was given Lansoprazole, which I had to take everyday - they did the trick for me, but I was told to tell them if it wasn’t working and they would try something else.

can only agree with Sarah that you speak with unit and ask then for an alternative

Margaret x

Hi girls, thanks for all your comments. I too have been taking Gaviscon by the bucket load, and still have pains in the chest and the burping. I ended up in A & E with the first episode as advised by the Marsden, but luckily ECG and chest x-rays were clear. Look forward to hearing from you Dyzee to see how you get on on Wednesday. Good luck with your 2nd FEC. Thinking of you all. Love Pam xx

Hi there

I am on EC and have been getting terrible stomach problems. I have been given Zantac and find it helps.
Alison x

Hi Pam,

Discussed the Acid/Indigestion with the Onc today, he said that this also contributes to the nausea, which is interesting as I was nauseous for about 10 days in all and when the acid disappeared so did the nausea…
He has prescribed me Lanzoprasole 30mg. He said that this would stop the acid and give my tum a rest. I have to take 1 per day for 7 days. So I will let you know how it goes. Had a it of a mare with 2nd EC. it was stinging as it went in so they were concerned that it was leaking. Lots of activity which ended up with the Sister/Manager being called, she came and resited the cannular. Thought I was in for a long stay but it all settled down (thank goodness). Home now and feeling very tired and looking a bit grey but apart from that ok (fingers crossed).

Let me know how you get on and I will keep you informed.