Chronic pain--possible future treatment

There is an item on the BBC news website, in the health section, about mice having a particular gene deleted, which relieves chronic pain while not affecting acute (temporary) pain sensations. Chemotherapy is mentioned as one of the causes of chronic pain, and of course some BC surgeries can leave damaged nerves as well.

Obviously this is all only a possibility and human treatments are still off in the future, but there is a useful summary of common types and causes of chronic pain.
Gene find could lead to drug for chronic back pain

The mention of chemo-induced pain is further down the article.

Thanks for posting that. Interesting article and does at least offer some hope for the future. I still find it hard to believe it’s taking so long to find ways to treat chronic pain. Elinda x

Thanks, that’s very interesting. Hope they can do it in my lifetime. ATM, I just have Gabapentin for my neuropathic pain; been on it for years.

Another way they try to treat chronic pain is with anti-depressants! Well, no wonder you need anti-d’s when suffering from chronic pain, it’s extremely draining.

That’s for sure, especially when you throw the effects of sleep disruption and deprivation into the mix. Chronic pain seems to be a complex interplay between physical and mental or brain-centred factors.

One thing’s for sure, there will be no lack of people willing to try any new treatments when it gets to that point.

They tried me with those back in 2003 but the taglets removed my brain (well, the communication part of my right temporal lobe) each time I took one. I couldn’t frame a simple sentence that made any sense - like a zombie.

Unkind folk would say that nothing’s changed ;oPPP

I have chronic nerve pain from my spine and have been helped a bit by pregabalin. If you are prescrobed it you need to give yourself a couple of weeks to get used to it as it makes you very sleepy at the start.It is worth persevering with though.