Cinderella Day

‘Trying to organise a day out for women with secondary breast cancer’ what a title! It is far too long. I vote that we call it our ‘Cinderella Day’.
We are the forgotten BC sufferers;
We deserve to be the princesses for a change (sorry I must be ‘catching’ all this princess stuff - I get it from my grandaughter);
Everyone else has a day - from no-smoking to garden birds;
We are considering the Ritz after all
As a title it is shorter!

My vote is for ‘Cinderella Day’ any other ideas anyone?


That’s fine with me as long as there is no risk of my train turning into a pumpkin and you are not expecting me to wear glass slippers!!
Look forward to meeting you

Sounds good to me and Cinderella Day, well story of my life, as my daughter is obsessed with Cinderella and all the disney princesses, so part & parcel of life for me.

Agree with Kate, as long as carriages don’t turn into pumpkins and leave us stranded somewhere will be fine.

Looking forward to all these meetings

Princesses…hmm I’d better get the tiara out of the bank.
What does one wear when one goes to the Ritz btw? I’m wearing a pair of jeans, sloopy black top and a pair of monsoon flip flops at the moment…might need some advice!

Hi Blondie,

Sorry for the over-long title, I typed in all different titles but brain not as sharp as it could be at the moment and I try desperately to not to offencd anyone by using wrong terminology etc etc and get rebuked! I love Cinderella Day and now I have your email address I can contact you for clear and concise headings!! You are right about being the forgotten BC people so maybe Cinderella Day will stick for years to come.

Angee xxx

I second the Cinderella Day - fab title - how about making sure the Ritz know what the group meet is going to be called and why, who knows they might feel generous - and may be go for some publicity to publicise the plight of those with Secondaries - the Forgotten People. Count me in :slight_smile:


Yes I totally agree with dawnhc think it fab title. I would love to come to the Ritz but feel a bit unsure about making the journey from South Wales, know its not a million miles away but would probably have to make it on my own unless there is anyone else out there wanting to gp and is also a little put off about travelling alone?

Denio x

Two brilliant ideas in one thread! Like the idea of having a Cinderella Day (on a regular basis??) and think your idea, Dawn, of letting the Ritz know is also a really good one. Are you ok with the organisation, Angee? Or do you want to enlist some support?

Kay x

Hi fellow Cinders,

I have just contacted the Ritz by email and explained about our Cinderella Day and have asked about a group rate so will let you know when they get back to me.

I think I am ok at the moment but will probably enlist help shortly.

We shall go to ball!

Angee x


Count me in as well plus I think I can get a couple of my other secondary friends to go as well.

Like the name!


Hi Denio,
Whereabouts are you from? I will be coming from North Wales via crewe on the train if that is any help.

Yes, great idea. A very fitting name. Well done for sending the email Angee - let’s get this party started…
Jacquie x

Wow - getting quite excited about all this now - and I think the title is great, but will not be telling sophie about it, as she will think Cinderella is going will want to come too. LOL

Sounds like we will have a blast. Angee, think said before, but let me know if need help. Is the Ritz gonna be big enough for all of us … ha ha


I did mention to The Ritz that our party is quite large so hope I have not scared them as I have not heard back yet!!


I am in South Wales (Ynysddu near Blackwood)and am keen to go if I’m allowed to gatecrash this party! Was only diagnosed with secondaries to the lungs and lymph glands in neck last night! Treatment not started yet and going to having weekly chemo so will have to see how I am and when the Ritz thing is but would love to go if I possibly can and I know London quite well having lived there for 10 years and we go back regularly.
Anyway it would be good to know if you’re near me anyway if you ever fancied a chat.


Anne, I’m 53 and have had mets to my lungs and lymph nodes in chest since Nov. 05. I have been doing quite OK with mine. I still work and enjoy life. I hope things go so well for you. I won’t be at the Cinderella Tea because I live in the US but hope you enjoy yourself and make some new friends there. Funnyface

Thanks very much Funnyface. It helps so much to hear someone still able to enjoy life despite having secondaries. I intend to make the most of life whatever it brings but I’m still reeling from it all. Most of the time I feel strong but then I’ll burst into tears but I guess that’s natural and it’s very early days for me! I hope I can get to the Ritz as I’ve always wanted to go there.
Take care,

If I can get a cheap train ticket for the day, I’d like to come from Stockport.

Had a real giggle over this one - Tea at the Ritz. Reminded me of when me and Granddad went a couple of years ago. We’d been invited to a posh do at the Army and Navy Club - another first and last - and, as it was also our anniversary weekend, decided to book tea at the Ritz, as we would have our glad-rags with us. I booked and they took my Switch details over the phone. We had our afternoon tea and got up to leave. The waiter ran (yes, ran!) after us and quietly told us we hadn’t paid. I said I had, over the phone by Switch, but he said that was just to confirm the booking. He escorted us back to our table, and there we sat for awhile with bright red faces. Oh, but the embarrassment!!

Good luck to us all.

any ideas when it will be yet , as i will flying in from the channel islands and will try and book early …
love Tracy xx

Anne, It is all very new to you and it takes time to get your head around. I cried for months and every now an then I still have a good cry, I can’t even explain how it will just hit me wham out of nowhere. I saw on a different posting that you are going to get taxol and avastin or taxotere and avastin sorry can’t remember which one. I did four months of hormone injections to shut down my ovaries and that didn’t work the tumors grew. I then did a combo of abraxane and avastin. If I’m correct abraxane isn’t available in the UK yet. I did my combo for 6 months and then had 11 months off until I had some symptoms. The tumors and lymph nodes were the same but my lungs had a little more congestion in them so they put me on vinorelbine. I have been on it for 9 months and have no problems. I hope the combo works well for you. Funnyface