Citalopram - Anyone on it? Or come off it?


Has anyone been on Citalopram or come off it? 

If so I would be really keen to hear your experience of it.


I was prescribed Citalopram for 2 reasons, to help with anxiety (after returning to work post bc treatment in early 2015, when my employer was not exactly understanding/helpful) and to assist re hot flushes (due to Tamoxifen).


The Citalopram did help ease the anxiety. However I also found it made me feel slightly indifferent to some things, which I would have been more driven about before. This feeling continued and now nearly 3 years later, this feeling of indifference seems more like an overall flattening of mood/general life mojo. Has anyone else felt like this while taking the med? 


I don’t feel like the old me (I am currently between jobs which may be a contributing factor and I have had 2 op’s re reduction of non bc side over the last year since I was allergic to the prosthesis so wonky for absolutely ages, plus had a secondary bc mets scare between the op’s - thankfully clear after 2 months of tests).

I am contemplating easing myself slowly off the Citalopram, however am concerned about whether this will make me feel better or worse. Plus appreciate nearly everyone is gagging for spring to come this year!


I take 20mg Citalopram a day, which is supposedly a low dose (but I had significant dizziness for a few weeks when I started taking it). I’m not convinced it helped much with the hot flushes, which became a real boil in the bag problem a few months after (yes, after) starting taking Citalopram, when I found taking sage really helped with the hot flushes for 2 years until my body seemed to become immune to it’s effect. I then turned into a thermo-nuclear power plant and after a few weeks of relatively sleepless nights found evening primrose oil helped (it took a few months before it really started doing anything) but after a few months its effect already seems to be significantly reducing…


I would really appreciate hearing others experiences of taking Citalopram and coming off Citalopram, before I discuss potentially coming off it with my GP.


Thank you

Seabreeze (wanting to get a bit more wind and sun in my sails!)



Hi Seabreeze 


i have been on Citalopram for 2 years now. I was prescribed it for anxiety after I finished rads. I too was struggling going back to work. I am on 30mg. My family and I have noticed how much more chilled I am. I can relate about being indifferent sometimes but mostly I am happy with everything. I just have to remember to take it early as otherwise I have very vivid dreams! I still have awful hot flushes, but can’t see any way out of this.

I’m not sure if I’ve been much help.

Good luck with everything