Clairep36 and Vertangie

Hi girls

I hope you are doing ok. Just sending lots of love

Yvonne xx

Hello Yvonne,

Yes im doing ok thanks. Very sore and black and blue but pain killers keeping pain down a bit. Im back seeing surgeon on Wed to see how it all went so fingers crossed its all gone.
I was just thinking of Vertangie and how she is doing… So if your there sweetie let us know if your doing ok.
How are you doing Yvonne?
take care
claire xx

Heya Claire and Yvonne.

I’m back. Wasn’t sure whether to post yet or not as I’m doing sickeningly well.

Op was on Thursday. stayed away from the morphine. Got unplugged on Friday, and escaped on Saturday AM.

So glad to be home.

My Mum’s a homeopath so I’ve been using several remedies to help the healing process so my bruising is at a minimum as is the pain, the drains are already dropping in level and are coming out on Wednesday and bandages should be coming off then too.

I was really lucky with the surgery actually, no muscle was involved and the lymphs looked good according to the surgeon. No promises but am hopeful.

Apparently some recovery wards are now using Arnica for the bruising which is what my Mum’s got me on. Might help your bruising too you can get Arnica 30c from Boots and just take 1 6 times a day and reduce as the bruising goes down. I have virtually none now. It’s a real shame not all hospitals are using it. Carlisle didn’t but as I say I’ve got my mum.

Here’s me yesterday when I got out


Im so glad to hear from yous.

Im ok Claire just waiting on the smear tests (not too worried about them though) mammogram was clear and so was ultrasound. The consultant didnt seem too worried about it all and I think it rubbed off.

Angie you look great. Isnt it amazing how resilient we are!!

Anyways look after yourselves, plenty of rest and I will speak to you both soon.

Well Done, you should be proud

Yvonne xx

Thanks Yvonne

It’s great to be home and to have had so many people keeping their hopes up for me.

I’m usually a private person so you can imagine my feelings when my Mum told me that her boyfriends mum had held mass for me in Ireland. Really touching but slightly embarrassing which is sad I guess.

When do you get your smear results?

I’m just really looking forward to these drains coming out and have been looking at mastectomy bras. One positive to having both removed is you get to actually choose a body shape from scratch. It’s eye opening.

lots of love


Hi Angie

I should get my results this week by post so I will be watching for the postman. I expect it will be nearer the end of the week as my clinic appointment wasnt until last Thursday and the consultant said it will be this week.

A mass especially for you, thats lovely.

You must be doing really well, I didnt expect you to be back on here so soon.

Take care of yourself
Yvonne xx