Claritin for aches and pains

Hello, I don’t take any hormone therapy because I did not have that sort of cancer. I did have chemo and had to have g-csf injections which cause dreadful bone pain. Plus I am on Herceptin and lots of people complain about aches and pains on that.


Well Claritin hayfever tablets completely relieve all of those aches and pains in some people including me. See here:


I have to take hayfever tablets anyway so it has been no hardship to take this brand (or Boots or Asda own brand so long as it is the same active ingredient).


I thought it was worth a mention because it has to be better to take a hayfever tablet rather than mega doses of pain killers for months or years.


Thank you …i will try it as I do get loads of aches and pains and just hate taking painkillers all the time.
A very useful posting …hope a lot of the other secondary bone mets ladies read it and try it too.
Hugs xx



Thanks Blueash…Thats very interesting.  I take antihistamines for my perennial rhinitis but it’s not Claritin.  I will definitely try it xx

Hi Blueash,
Thanks so much for telling us about Claritin, I must give this a try, it’s my legs I have more bother with, climbing the stairs is murder but can manage do a full days work, not if I had to walk non stop though! The ? does help. I’ve taken up swimming but only a few lengths. Will let you know later if got some improvement anything is worth a try! x