hi all, don’t know if you’ve played this one before, here’s an example, its all about books

The Naughty Schoolboyby Enid Spankin

Jungle Fever by Amos Quito

Rice Growing by Paddy Field

The Bullfighter by Matt Adore

On Parade by Mark Time

hope you all get the gist, they aren’t real books, or authors, just a good fun play on words

At The North Pole by I.C.Blast

At The South Pole by Ann Tarctic

The Worst Day Of My Life by Gladys Over

Aches And Pains by Arther Itis

The Way Home by R. U. Lost

Hi Christay, just thought something different might cheer us up, had a good day, so thought i would share it , and to be honest, hubby is on nights so a bit bored too

lots of love

Alison xxx

The Visitor by Colin Soon

Road Transport by Laurie Driver

Get Rich Quick by Robin Banks

Does Size Matter by Ophelia Balls

Caught Short by Jimmy Riddle

Lol to you all - trust you to start it Alison!!

My mind is not working enought to be imaginative so will just have to keep reading yours


Prickly Plants by Holly Bush

The Drawing Lesson by Art master