clear margins!

Yesterday I had a telephone call from my BCN - 6 days before my scheduled appt. to get the results of my 2nd WLE for DCIS…she wanted to let me know that path reports showed clear margins!!! :slight_smile: She knew I was worried as both Mum and Nan had BC. So kind.
I am over the moon. Just 15 rads to go now…

Hi Susieseaside, that’s really good news. I’ve just finished my 15rads now just got 5 years anastrozole. Rads not bad, just the travelling that’s a pain. I was advised to use baby soap or “simple” soap to wash with and to slap on aqueous cream twice a day. Did that and am now just sun kissed and slightly itchy, so far so goog. I slapped on copious amounts of aqueous cream and often sat topless in the evening with one slathered boob much to OH’s amusement! Was advised by radiologist to take one piriton tablet a day to relieve the itching. All the best for your rads, Pat

Hi Susie
I start my 15 rads on the 23rd april along with 5yrs Letrozole tabs so we can chat about our experiences along the way. With all the things Ive been reading on here I think I know what to expect but you never know till your on the journey albeit a lot easier one than Chemo
best wishes
Ann W

Whoop! Whoop! What a lovely BCN and what lovely news! :slight_smile: Soon be done now. make sure you rest when/if the tiredness hits during - and for up to 3 weeks after - rads. “Just go with it!” as my radiologist said. Many of us (I had 15 rads 11 months ago) found the tiredness comes and goes. One day you feel completely useless - like a teddy wihtout it’s stuffing, or a Duracell bunny that’s never SEEN any sort of battery! and the next day you might feel nearly ‘normal’ again. Bear with. Keep on slapping on the cream and go braless whenever practical! It does get better! :slight_smile:

Great news Susie. rads are doable if tiring. Nearly there!

Going for my scheduled appt. to see the surgeon tomorrow so should get my onc appt…getting there :slight_smile:

Appt with surgeon & BCN was interesting…he confirmed that we have clear margins (woop woop!) then asked to see my scar…there then followed a sharp intake of breath from both…and a bit of a pause…
He apologised bless him for it being so puckered and pulled in and causing my breast to be quite mishapen. He said I’ll probably need to see the plastics team next year as they won’t do any surgery until 6 months after rads as it wouldn’t heal well. Apparently it will probably get worse with rads too.
I had felt that I was being silly when I felt a bit upset by it so I’m glad I wasn’t making a complete fool of myself! I’m really glad too that I’ve managed to hang onto my breast so I’m not THAT upset! I probably just need some time to get used to it.
Appt to see Onc. is 25/4 (will be a bit behind you Ann) so I really am getting there now :slight_smile: