Clinic appointment today!! Feel sick

Feeling so overwhelmed today, I know come 4pm today I will walk out of the clinic and docs will have told me my lump is a cyst and all will be well, and my feelings of dread will float away… Or will they? Be positive that’s all I’ve heard for the last 11 days! I have been don’t get me wrong but the last 48hrs something’s changed I don’t know why but I have this horrible feeling… Then I look in the mirror and say stupid cow it’s only a cyst stop it stop it :frowning: I feel like I’m going crazy…

Hi Michelle2014,

It’s a really difficult time for you.  Do come back on the forum and let us know how you got on.

Take care

Very best wishes


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Hi michelle,


I hope everything turns out good for you!!

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Good Luck for today…this is one of the hardest parts…deep breath you can do it …once you have answers you will be able to move forward…let us know how you get on…were all here to help anyway we can xx