Clinic Referal

Hi all,

Been worried sick. 

Recentley bleeding from one nipple. Blood and clear fluid.  Went to emergency doctors at weekend because I couldn’t get appointment at my own doctors. Explained to the doctor my symptoms, who asked me my age. When I told him 39, his reply was not to worry as it won’t be cancer, as that’s usually over 50. Went on to examine me and said there was no lumps. Then went on to say that he would ask my doctor to refer me to a breast clinic. He mentioned duct ectasia. 

Today I got a call from my actual doctors, who now want to see me for examination.


I know the worst thing to do is search symptoms on the Internet, but I have. Lots of websites saying that if bleeding from one nipple with blood/clear fluid then it isn’t good.  I wasn’t really sore until the examination, but today I’m aching underarm and side of breast. 


Just after some advice. 

Thanks x 



Hello and welcome to the forum.


I know it is easy to say but try not to worry and especially do not google generally as there is a lot of out of date misinformation out there.


The good thing is that your GP has asked to see you and they will probably refer you to the breast clinic, not because they suspect it is cancer, because they are the experts.  You will see on here there are lots of ladies who have been in your position and it has turned out not to be bc.


When we are anxious our minds do play tricks on us and we imagine that every ache and pain is a bad sign. 


Try to relax and if you want to let us know how you get on


Helena xxx

Hi, As Helena has said try not to tie yourself up in knots trawling through Google convincing yourself it’s going to be cancer, Yes it could be but even with these symptoms it Is often something much less serious. 


I am disappointed in the doctor you saw saying that it’s mainly over 50’s who get breast cancer and not to be worried, this is such an outdated statistic and just not true as women your age and much younger are diagnosed on an almost weekly basis here, I’m not saying this to frighten you but just to reinforce how important it is to get these things checked out whatever your age. I was 46. 


Your DR should refer you to a breast clinic and it’s something you should really insist on if they don’t , it’s the only way of knowing for certain what is going on and hopefully put your mind at ease Xx Jo 

I have the exact same problem as you, I’ve been having a bloody discharge from my nipple for about 2 or 3 weeks but stupidly didn’t think anything of it, only when I mentioned it to my mother in law that I realised I had to get it seen to. Feel really stupid for leaving it so long! I saw the doctor on Thursday who’s referred me to the breast clinic but I haven’t heard anything yet. I can feel a long hard lump behind my nipple and the discharge is now clear/bloody as opposed to bright red which it was previously. I thought i would have had my appointment through by now and the wait is killing me x

Samantha, ring up and chase your appointment up. Had a family member who was waiting on appointment but the doctor filled in form incorrect so was never sent an appointment.

Happy that they will hopefully do everything on the day.

When is your appointment? I’m going to phone my doctor tomorrow if nothing’s come through. I keep hearing different things on whether you get results the same day or not, I wonder if if varies in different parts of the country maybe? X

Hi Samantha,
If it’s clear what it is, they will tell you that day.
If a biopsy is needed, then there is another week or 2s for the results, but of a biopsy is needed, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bc.
ann x

My appointment is on 29th. You should of been given a number to contact if you don’t hear anything x

Thank for the info Ann, helps a lot when you know what to expect. The doctor didn’t give me a number…i spoke to the receptionist today and she said to phone back on Monday if i haven’t heard anything so I guess it’s just a waiting game x

How did you get on Samantha?

I’ve been to breast clinic today. Had examination followed by mammogram then ultrasound. They found a small cist which isn’t connected.
There was nothing else shown on mammogram or ultrasound. All my ducts looked normal. Because there’s blood in the discharge I am going to be having a Microdochectomy.
Not sure if this is good or bad?

I still haven’t been seen! Had a nightmare with my doctors surgery and the receptionist, referal was put through incorrectly twice! My appointment is for Monday and I’m still bleeding although it is less. Are you still bleeding? I’m glad nothing is showing, never heard of the other procedure you’ve to have…when are you booked in for it? X

I know, I’m so angry. If I hadn’t chased it up twice I’d be sitting waiting for 12 weeks! Did they do a biopsy or do you think they’ll maybe do one once they remove the affected duct? I know what you mean, you just want answers don’t you? Hopefully they don’t keep you waiting too long for your procedure x

Think I’m on exactly the same path as you Kezman. Had my appointment on Monday, mammogram showed a thickening of my nipple but no proper lumps. They took a swab of the discharge and I had a phone call from the consultant today, he wants to see me tomorrow. Said that he suspects a tumour but could be benign and wants me in to discuss removal/next steps. X