Clinic referral and a bit concerned

This seems like a lovely place to vent.
I do understand that you will tell me you can’t diagnose me, but I would love to hear if anyone has any similar experiences.
I’m 34 and noticed a fair sized lump under my right breast.
Of course, went to GP and had a referral with the cancer info attached and an appointment for the hospital booked within a day. My appointment is tomorrow (exactly a week later).
As we all do but shouldn’t, I’ve been attached to Google. My lump doesn’t move, isn’t squishy, and isn’t painful. Could this still be a cyst of fibro-thingy?
I’m not looking for reassurance more just an honest opinion?
Many thanks xxxx


Hi Rosejack12
I know it’s awful waiting and it is tempting to go to Dr Google but I’m afraid none of us are medically trained , some lumps are benign or cysts but best to wait for the clinic to check you over wishing you best of luck for your appointment take care x

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Sure it can still be benign. What kind of benign thing I don’t know but most lumps regardless of their feel are benign. I’m glad your appointment is soon though so you won’t have to wait long and wonder. Hopefully they can clear you right then. Good luck!


The vast majority of referrals to the breast clinic will turn out not to be cancer . GPs will always ere on the side of caution with these things as without the help of ultrasound / mammogram they can’t really be sure what they are dealing with . If you have a look through the other threads in this section you will find many people reporting back that after investigating their lump was not cancer . The anxious waiting is horrible because of course your mind goes to the worst possible scenario, fingers crossed for tomorrow , let us know how you get on.Best wishes Jill x


Dear rosejack,

Wishing you well with your appointment today, fingers crossed for you. Take one day at a time, remember we don’t have breast cancer until it has been confirmed by your consultant unfortunately, we all run away with our thoughts.

Please keep posting and let us know how you’re doing. We are all here for you.

Health and happiness going forward with the biggest hug
Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


I’ve come to the conclusion that google on these matters is pretty pointless. I have a lump that was rounded at the time, is very mobile - kinda what google would claim had benign features. It is cancer, so the descriptions of one or the other are unhelpful.
Internet also claims that only 20-40 % of biopsies come back positive, however, it was clearly known by staff by the US stage, after mammography, as the shift to major empathy was written all over the nurse’s face, and urgent action to biopsy confirmed it. I think the Consultant sonographer really knew her onions and had tonnes of experience, and pretty much knew as soon as she saw it, and the nurse had confidence that she would be right. So i suspect that the biopsy statistic bandied about might be BS when related to a palpable lump.
Go with the flow, read the room at the time, and take google with a pinch of salt - we all do it, but we are all individusls and don’t fit a box.


That is so true unfortunately. The nurse’s expression after the ultrasound confirmed it all. What a terrible job to unwind from having to be at the worst moment in the life of hundreds of people. I felt sorry for myself, my partner and the nurse.

Have you had an ultrasound or biopsy yet. Without these it’s tricky to say.
The only thing I can tell you is that early diagnosis is key. So well done for addressing the concern quickly xx