Clinical trail or traditional methods

My mum has found out she has estrogen positive, HER2 negative, lobular breast cancer in her bones.

She has been given two treatment options-

Letrozole, ribocicilib and denosunab.

Or take part in a clinical trail.

Decision to be made by tomorrow!!! Any advice and guidance please!! Anyone had positive experiences with these options?!


A difficult decision to make given that you probably don’t know what the trial is and therefore haven’t been able to research it. The treatment that has already been mentioned to you was in itself a trial only a few years back but is now mainstream for newly diagnosed SBC cases. So that shows that trials are there to allow newer drugs to be developed. Having said that it’s difficult not knowing more about the new trial. The questions I’d ask are what stage is the trial at. If it’s stage 1 or 2 it means they are still evaluating the dosage/tolerance/side effects. Stage 3 means they’ve sorted that out. But if it’s one with a placebo it could mean your a Mum doesn’t get the drug at all. You will need to ask what it’s being compared against and does yourMum get the existing drug or the new one, and not a placebo. Challenging at the best of times let alone when you’re new to all this terminology and names of drugs. The other thing to bear in mind is, when on a trial, there are usually more hospital visits and checks done so the drug performance can be monitored. You and your Mum may need to ask about this and consider how you feel about it. 
I only know all this having gone for a trial myself but unfortunately couldn’t take part in at the time due to my blood counts not being in the right range.

Nicky x