Clinical Trial for Triple Negative Metastatic - has did you get on a trial?

Hello everyone.  Hope you’ve had a nice Christmas.  I have Stage 4 Triple Negative breast cancer, and have been reading about a clinical trial offered at several places in the UK - has anyone got any advice on how you go about getting on one, how fast can it happen and who sanctions these things? I’ve emailed the trial directors but no reply.  Many thanks if anyone can offer any information.

Hi Catherine, happy belated Christmas, I’ve just logged in and seen your post. I’m not TN but I’m on a trial and this was my experience which might help.


I was put forward for my trial because I fulfilled all the criteria which can be quite selective. This would include things like previous treatments, your tumour status, ( I have a ??PIK mutation) your health, your ability to attend when required…this was every week initially for me etc. Then I went for lots of tests, scans and signed forms etc. I had one hiccup but was taken into the trial and have now been on mine since May and it is still working well! I was lucky because the trial is taking place at my hospital which is The Marsden in Sutton.


What I would say to anyone considering a trial is…talk to your own oncologist and check whether it would be suitable first. They should get the information for you and put you forward. Also understand whether it’s a phase 1,2 or 3 and what that means. Also are you going to be randomly allocated into 1 arm which could be a placebo ie you possibly are not being given the test drug? What side effects can you expect and how much of a commitment is the trial?


My trial was a phase 1 which looks at tolerated dosing in an escalation but I wanted a chance to try Ibrance which is already approved so I went for it with another drug.Some patients side effects were too severe and it hasn’t all been plain sailing for me but I’m glad to be on the trial. I hope that this helps and good luck!! xx



Hi Catherine, i too am TN and am at the stage whewre i need a trial. Can you give me any details of things you have heard about and let me know what your onc says. Thanks. x

I would suggest speaking to the oncologist and asking for a referral to a trial, they will know if any recruiting. There are criteria for joining trials, based on many things and each trial is different from another
It will involve travel to the unit running the trial