Clinical trials

Clinical trials

Clinical trials Hi everyone,

Am due a bone scan on Monday 23rd - always look on the black side and think I have come to terms with the fact that I probably have bone mets. As also like to be well prepared for anything in advance, wondered if anyone is on any sort of trial for bone mets at the moment? Have looked at Cancer Research UK website and there seem to be a few trials going on at the moment with certain drugs. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Love Jean xx

ZICE trial Hi
Let’s hope you are wrong and it’s not bony mets.
I’m on the ZICE trial which is listed on CRUK website and I drew the zometa (zaledronic acid) arm which is what I wanted. it is a well established drug with proven excellent results. It is however an IV infusion but it only takes 15 minutes and apart from feeling fluey the first time, i’ve been fine and my bony mets are now showing signs of healing. The other arm is an oral biphosponate called ibrondranate (I think) and again is quite an established drug. For me I didn’t want to take oral biphosphonates as I get enough heartburn probs without this adding to it. With the tablets, you have to remain upright and not bend over for something like an hour afterwards and with small children I knew that would be impossible for me!!
There is also another trial with pamidronate - again another well proven drug. This is an infusion usually taking 90 minutes to go in but they are doing a trial to see if it can be given in about 30 minutes but I don’t know the name of that trial.
As far as i’m aware, all the biphosphonates are good and the trials seem to be using well established treatments but just comparing them or shortening the administartion side.
Hope that is of help to you.
Please let us know how you get on and what treatment they offer if you need it.

Hi there, I’ve just seen from your profile you are er+ and her2-.
Me too.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer and bone mets together in 2003.
I had Tamoxifen at first which worked well but I was then changed to Arimidex which has been brilliant and has kept my bone mets in remission since Spring/Summer 2005.
I’m also taking Ibandronate, no side effects. Was on Pamidronate for nearly 3 years but after so many infusions my veins were quite useless.
Take Care…x

Hi Belinda and Kate

Thank you so much for your helpful and reassuring replies - really don’t know how I would cope without this wonderful website! Will let you know how I go on on Monday.

Love and hugs, Jean xx