Clips in breast after surgery

Has anyone had clips in their breasts after a lumpectomy
I had 15 session of radiotherapy 3 months ago but the pain and stiffening in arm has got worse. Just saw my consultant today and says i have clips in my breasts as marker and the scar tissue has wrapped around them causing pain and stiffness
I have worried for a while not knowing, do feel reasured now. I wish i had been told
Has anyone else had this


I have a clip left in from a vacuum biopsy years ago. I think it did tweak abit to start, but I forget about it now. Hopefully it will settle soon. Best wishes.

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yes i do too. I only found out at my last mammogram, 5 years after WLE! It explains the twinge I get when i turn over in bed at a certain angle! I just read up to make sure I had remembered what the radiographer said, and it seems its common to mark for radiotherapy. Who knew!!:slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply its reassuring to know other people have had this

I hope so i have been told it could be 18months before it settles down. Thank you for your help

I’ve still got one in but it hasn’t caused me any problems though I do get odd twinges not related to my operation site so maybe it’s causing those . It’s quite common even for women who don’t have BC but have been investigated to have them left in to mark areas that were considered worthy of investigation. Unfortunately yours is close to your wound which must be why scar tissue has grown around it as they are usually quite inert which means that your body wouldn’t normally react to them .

Exactly the same with me. I have trouble sleeping on my right side (lumpectomy) side as it’s too painful a year later. They have told me it will improve - here’s hoping!

Big hugs xx

Thanks glad I am not alone my breast hurts especially at night