Clot in portal vein

Hi all,
Been in work today but phone call from onc nurse whilst I was there to say when they scanned me a few days ago they found a clot in my portal vein. As I’m not symptomatic they want me to go to clinic on Monday probably to start anticoagulants! He says its nothing to worry about!! Anybody else had this? No vino for me tonight!

Hi Allie

I havent had this myself, but my SIL had a blood clot which gave her trouble in her groin due to pregnancy,

Once she started the warafin she was Ok, the clot stabilised…she hasnt had any trouble or symptoms from taking the warafin, but as you say she has been very careful with the wine afterwards.

Hope that is some help and you are doing ok!


What they will probably do is to start you on a dose of warfarin or similar. The other option may be injections of clexane (heparin). They are routinely given to treat clots or to those who have a central line. I had warfarin during the time I had my hickman line and I think it was one little pill (5mg) daily. Glad to hear it is nothing to worry about.


Thanks girls,
Its put my mind at rest, think they are considering heparin rather than warfarin.

Hi Allie, I had warfarin for 6 months…had a blood clot to lung, due to hip fracture and being immobile for a few days.
They will keep a very close eye on you…Take Care…x

Thanks for all the advice, I’ve managed to survive the weekend and have my appointment with the onc later this morning. Will update later. Looks like I will be coming off the hormones:(

Good luck for today Allie, I hope you get some good news and things are sorted out for you.

Let us know how it goes, thinking of you.


Hi Allie

Hope the appointment today has gone ok and the onc has sorted things for you. Let us know how you have got on.

Lots of love

Kay xx

Bringing this back up to the top for Bridie…K

Thank you, this sounds positive. Just spoken to my sister, and she has an appointment with the hospital tomorrow to discuss treatment.