Clothes for after surgery (and general advice)

Hi all,

I have my surgery booked in for December 21st (LICAP reconstruction and axial clearance). 

I’m feeling pretty miserable about it all at the moment so thought I’d cheer myself up with some online shopping 

This is a bit specific, but has anyone got or seen some nice cosy zip up hoodies or cardigans they could recommend? I’m guessing putting on jumpers is going to be almost impossible for a few days.

Also, if anyone has any other general recommendations for preparing and recovery after licap and axial clearance I’d really appreciate it. I’m quite slender and small-busted and my surgeon doesn’t seem particularly confident about how well it’s going to go 

Zip front cardigans as well as hoodies, found jogging bottoms easier than leggings too, front button pyjamas, had extra pillows round me in bed too so didn’t move in night while sleeping you will be amazed how quick your body knits back together Take it steady after and no lifting I used sticky dots on door game to track exercises after and see daily progress :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Emma_B - Shi has already given lots of good suggestions. I just wanted to pick up on your comment about jumpers. I don’t know your exact surgery, but I imagine it will be similar to mine (mastectomy and implant and node clearance) and I wanted to say that it took me some time to be able to get jumpers or indeed anything else over my head as I just couldn’t get my arm high enough. I remember how frustrating that was, so I think it’s great that you are treating yourself to some lovely front opening hoodies etc. Really will be money well spent. That said, all of a sudden I seemed to be able to get jumpers on again so although it felt a while, it probably wasn’t.

On that subject, perhaps move your cups/plates or anything you use regularly down to lower shelves so that you don’t have to over stretch your bad arm (though of course you could use the good one). Line up some food deliveries or stock the freezer.

Has your team/hospital mentioned drains? If you are having them you might want to get a bag to carry them around in, to stop them catching on things - have a look at Drain Dollies, that’s where I got mine, but some hospitals give them out.

I’m curious to know why your surgeon is being so negative - though sometimes surgeons speak in a separate language that only they understand! I remember asking mine to explain what I thought was a negative comment and he explained that it was “doctor speak”. 

I’m happy to answer any questions you think of. I’m guessing the game Shi played was to stick stickers on the door so she could track her progress - but I’m sure she will be back to explain.

Very best wishes, Evie xx

HI hun I recently had an breast

implant reconstruction surgery I’m quite slender too my surgeon was worried too how my reconstruction would turn out initially it was perfect till I started getting rippling although your surgeon will suggest your options please do your own research and that’s what you want put your foot down if needed 

You will definitely need front button opening pjs and clothes I’m struggling with arm movement 3 1/2 weeks later hope this helps 

Thanks everyone. It’s so amazing to be able to have this support. 

Another question, again a bit specific, but I’m struggling to find suitable bras for immediately after surgery since I’m 36AA. Best options ie soft, seem to be nursing bras!