Club Tropicana - Pull Up A Chair and Chill

Helloa, Welcome to Club Tropicana, no passport required! ???Old friends and new friends welcome.


Ive just finished 20 bouts with RT and thought it would be nice to start a thread for that post treatment time where we can have a giggle, level back out after our crazy journeys, compare recovery notes and give/receive support…

Hi Spiderwomen

Thank you for starting this thread,  I would suggest that you post a link on the thread where you have been posting previously so that people can see this and join in.

Best wishes
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Spiderwoman, I’ve found you! In theory I’m an interloper as I still have one more Rads session to go on Monday! Just thought I’d come and check out the :sunny: ? and ? at Club Tropicana! Can’t wait to be ???my way here on Monday!

Hi hope it’s ok for me to join you all here. 9 days since I left the big bapzapper house!!! Skin not bad at all just a little tanned but awful lot of stabbing pains going on inside!! Popping ibuprofen! Walking a log and living it!! Might even join a walking club for company as my hubby has a bad leg and can’t join me. I am doing about 4 miles a day now around my local area. Pull in my walking boots and put my Bluetooth ear phones in and listen to my music. Takes me away from everything!!! Have to refrain from singing along sometimes as get funny looks from other people!!?

Hi all, made it to club Tropicana after a long road which started in August. Surgery :white_check_mark: chemo :white_check_mark: radiotherapy :white_check_mark: all done and time to relax on my sun lounger with a nice cocktail I think. Few stabbing pains for me as well but nothing major so fingers crossed I can start to heal now. On a lighter note I got stuck between the coffee table and couch today and my husband tried to help me up by grabbing me under my sore arm and across my boob. He had no idea why I started screaming. Don’t think he will be helping me again! xx

I am not done yet (14 more rads to go) but commenting so I can find the party palace when I done ??

We are keeping the cocktails on ice for those joining the party a bit later ?:sunny:???

???Should be arriving Thursday, think Karanas same day as me, meesh should be Monday ??? runnerbean and spiderwoman large tray of ???please for everyone in club Tropicana so we can all ???Like nobody’s watching ??? hands up ?‍:female_sign:By Ottawa’s on the jukebox because we’ll be high 5ing each other round the club Tropicana pool bar ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Well hello Club Tropicana Ladies! Shi invited me over from the May thread. Shi and I met at my last and her first chemo and have been friends ever since. ? I had my last rads 11th January so well along the post apocalyptic experience now. I’ve written a blog, so here is my story:

I hope you find some comfort from it. Xxx

Morning everyone, hope you all had a good weekend.


It feels a bit strange today as this is the first day of no rads appointments! Was not sure what to do with myself, but have decided to go and see my mum as I haven’t seen her for a while. 


Not feeling too too bad, a bit itchy but still applying plenty of moisturiser.  Have a good day every one :parasol_on_ground: ?xx

Hi Roma, it’s an odd feeling to not have any appointments isn’t it. I still have a couple of weeks off work and then it’s a phased return so I am getting bored now. I keep buying houseplants for some reason, I really have no explanation for it but every room now has at least one plant! xx

Hi Roma and Mai7, it’s lovely to see new faces at Club Tropicana :parasol_on_ground:?, welcome drinks all round ?.


Thanks for sharing your blog, it looks good…


Enjoy the time off work, I went back after the op and continued working through rads. The deal was reduced hours but I never seem to escape as early as I should and then feel tired in the evenings and weekends ?


Runnerbean you make me giggle! I couldn’t stop buying deodorant at the start of rads because nothing worked and now have a range of completely useless scent less brands!  Just started showering with scented products again which is lovely, it’s funny the small things you miss during treatment 

Runnerbean ???that’s a lot of watering to keep on top of, but good for house having plants everywhere, cleanses the air. I nearly had a bender in Mac, but managing to wait till I see what I get in my lgfb goody bag next week ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Shi you will love your LGFB next week, I got loads of stuff and still haven’t managed to use all of it. Mai what a brilliant blog, I wish I was able to put things down in words like that but it’s not one of my skills. Hi Julie, all comments are welcome trivial or not. Glad your treatment is done and you made it to club Tropicana ???I am waiting for a date for my moving forward course so don’t really know what it entails yet.

Evening everyone, had a nice day with mum, took her out for lunch to the garden centre. I didn’t buy any plants as I am useless at keeping them, probably because I forget to water them!


 Runnerbean, I am like you not back at work until after Easter and then on a phased return.  I am getting a bit bored, but have some project work I can do if I get really bored, but have not got that far yet.  I do check my emails now and again and clear out all the Rubbish and try to keep on top of what is going on.


I have my moving on appointment on 28th March so will let you know how I get on.  Not sure what to expect but hopefully it will be useful.


Just poured myself a large G&T, and now time to watch some trash on TV, cheers everyone ??x

Evening ladies! I’m now officially part of the Club Tropicana gang ???Last rads was tonight. 


Runnerbean looks like we’ve been on a similar timeline as my journey also began with surgery in August, then we’ve shared our journey through chemo and rads! I worked through most of my treatment so haven’t been signed off. I found work gave me something else to focus on.


Not sure what I’m gong to spend my extra 2-3 hours a day on ?Oh I know lounging in Club Tropicana sun lounger with a couple of ???


Runnerbean, you made me ???I keep buying make up. I haven’t really bought any in years and the goodies from LGFB will probably last me years but I keep buying lipsticks and face powders I probably won’t use as I only really wear mascara and eyeliner ?


Juliewulie, this forum is truly brilliant I don’t think I could’ve got through my treatment without the fabulous ladies on our oct chemo thread and Feb rads thread. I’d never posted on a forum before but felt I should to pay forward all the wonderful guidance and help I experienced.


Sorry, bit if a long post ?

Meesh you made it to club Tropicana, time to pull up your sun lounger grab a cocktail and chill for a while. There have been times when I felt the journey would never end but here we are we did it!!! Now I just need to get the thought the sofa needs new cushions out of my head before I go out tomorrow and buy 10 new ones, it seems one or two of things isn’t enough now! xx

Hi ladies day 13 out of the 'big bapzapper house!! Today I’ve been tackling the garden a bit as it’s quite nice out there and Bern for an hours walk! Definitely can see where the radiotherapy was given now as my skin in that area is definitely more tanned than before!! Lots of moisturising still going on few itchy nip moments!!! Feeling on generally. Off to the madness that is Benidorm on Friday to celebrate st Patrick’s day for the weekend with 4 of my girlfriends!! Can’t wait to just let our hair down a bit and have a laugh!! Meeting up with my youngest son who is also going for the weekend with some friends! To be sure!!!

Hi girls ???rosie h has posted most beautiful post on jan chemo starters, please read if you get chance ??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Shi, I saw that. What a lovely poem. I’m making the most of being finished. I went out for dinner last night, I’m pub quizzing tonight and then out for dinner Thursday & Friday. Can’t remember the last time I went out for the evening and now I’m doing 4 nights on the trot! ?

Have all you ladies fallen asleep ? in your sun loungers :sunny::sunny:??:parasol_on_ground:?? Hope you’re wearing your high neck t shirts! ?