CMF chemo

Hi. Is there anyone who can share experiences of CMF chemo. I start my treatment on the 23rd April. I have read all about it in the literature I have been given from the hospital and on-line but you can worry yourself silly thinking that you will get all of the side effects. Also anyone having chemo at Burton hospital on a Thursday? Best wishes to all.

Hi Mommyw
I’ve just started CMF after having 4 cycles of epi. I’ve had very little nausea, the worst se’s for me being some tiredness, a sore mouth and streaming eyes. However the chemo nurse did point out that my body was already a bit run down after the epi so se’s could be worse. The actual chemo session isn’t too bad( I have very poor veins so for me getting the needle in isn’t easy) and as the chemo goes in via syringe into the IV you’ll have a chemo nurse sat with you most of the time so can have a good chat and gossip with them.
Everyone has different side effects so it’s difficult to say how you will react but as I was told some of them are really rare but they still have to tell you about them. One thing I forgot which is really the worst is the taste buds going on strike. I go off coffee within2-3 days of chemo and that lasts for about 2-3 weeks. I’m making the most of coffee right now as my next session is next weds.
Take care and try not to panic too much(I know- easier said than done).
Nicky x

Nicky, thank you for your comments. I have to have two sessions of CMF per month for 6 months, then I will have Tamoxofen and then radiotherapy for 23 days. All I can say is roll on Christmas, if it is all over by then I will be heading for the sun. Sorry not sure of terminology - what is epi? What part of the country do you come from and where are you having treatment? Do you get paranoid about your temperature, I am sure I will, I am already monitoring it now to see how I fluctuate and that is before I begin treatment.
Take care.
Mommyw (Pauline)

Hi Pauline
Epi is epirubicin. I’ve had 4 cycles of that and will have 4 cycles of CMF, followed by 4/5 weeks of rads. Some one I worked with had chemo a few years ago and had to keep a chart of her temps during her low immunity times. I was told not to get too obsessed as you will feel off colour if your temp goes up. I was told to make sure I took my temp before taking any paracetamol and not to take paracetamol before phoning the chemounit if I do feel off colour as this can artificially lower your temp. I’ve only taken my temp a few times and it has always been about 36.2. Other people have been told to get in touch with temp of 38 but I was told 37.5.
I’m in shropshire so not too far from you.
Take care. Once you get sarted it will feel a lot easier. The waiting and fear of the unknown is always the worst.
Nicky x

Thanks again Nicky. They will tell me all about what to expect at the unit when I go for pre-assess on Weds. It is nice though to chat to someone having the same treatment. Where abouts in Shrops are you, my son lives in Shrewsbury.

Hi Pauline

I’m having Epi-CMF chemo. That’s 4 cycles of epirubicin then 4 cycles of CMF (doses on days 1 & 8). I’m due my 4th dose of epi in a couple of weeks then I start the CMF in May so I’ll be right behind you with finding out how that goes.

I’ve been told that CMF chemo is kinder to the system than eprubicin so I’m almost “looking forward” to getting onto it. A friend of mine had CMF only and sailed through it - didn’t lose her hair, side effects not bad at all, and in fact was pregnant during it and had a healthy baby girl at the end!

Whereabouts do you live? I used to live near Tamworth and had my children at Burton Queens Hospital so I know the area fairly well.

Hi Gennie. Thanks for your comments re CMF chemo and really good to hear about your friend’s experience. It will be good when Thursday arrives, let’s get started and get it over with. I will still have rads to go afterwards but it will all be worth it.

I live in Burntwood. I am having treatment at Queen’s Burton and they have been absolutely great, I cannot fault them at all. When I had my 2 WLE ops they had no beds in the morning so both times I ended up in a private room (would cost £360 per night if I had to pay) I will be having rads at the QE in Birmingham. Where are you having your treatment?? I hope you are keeping well.
Pauline (mommyw)

Hi mommyw
I just wanted to let you know I have just had my last cmf on wednesday (I had 4 epi, 4 cmf) and overall I have found the side effects less severe then epi. Usually nausea for three days after. One thing though I did get a sinus infection after 2nd one so keep an eye on temp if feeling a bit funny at all. Taste has been fine and mouth ulsers have gone on this chemo (somtimes toilet problems though- can go one way or the other- just to warn you- maybe not everyone gets this). But no hair loss on this one and my hair is growing in quickly now

hi i start my cmf next friday all been well.
hope you go on alright and i also hope it is better than the epilets keep fingers crossed jackie

Just wanted to say good luck and will be thinking of you tomorrow Pauline. Had my 3rd dose of CMF today and miracles do happen sometimes. My veins aren’t very good and they always have difficulty getting the cannula in but today it went in 1st time. Have been given different anti sickness teablets as although The last lot controlled the nausea really well last time but I had really bad constipation which didn’t respond to senna. Been to GP and got some movicol for this time but with change of meds hopefully I won’t need it. My nose did tingle a bit with the cyclophosphamide today so drank some cold water and it has settled now. Otherwise feeling really good.
Jackie, hope all goes well on Friday.

Hi, its interesting to hear what the side effect are, I start my 4 CMF cycles next week and had been told it was not as bad as the EPI, I hope so as I’m only intending to have 2 days off of work after. I have been lucky at not had any feeling of sickness after the first Epi, just so sleepy for a few days after. I had a groshong line so I do not have to have needles stuck in me every time, it has been a real godsend, as I have also had 2 stays in hospital so the anti biotics were also administered through the line. I would suggest anybody who is having trouble with the finding of veins to consider it. The good thing about finishing the EPI is that my hair has started to grow back - at last - but I wear a wig at work and by god does it make my head itch, as soon as I have shut the shop its off with the wig and on with my skull cap, loverly!!. Good luck to you all - looking forward to christmas and a long holiday with no more treatment xx

Hi Highlandlady…good luck with your CMF next week…Apart from my second dose of cycle one causing my mouth and throat to break out in ulcers…I’ve found CMF not too bad at all…I was pretty lucky with the Epi too…fingers crossed for the next 2 cycles to go the same…then onto rads…lol I’m looking ahead to Christmas too…where are you off to? Me and my hubby are taking off to Florida for 4 weeks in December to chill after all this…it’s keeping me going…along with my youngest sons wedding in August and our first grandchild due in October…I think it helps if you have things in the future to focus on…

Hope everyone on this thread is doing ok

Linda xx

Hi Scotsmomma, well the CMF went quite well I think apart from a horrible taste in my mouth!! I am due the second part on Tuesday, feel quite exhausted today, but went back to work on Thursday and had really busy days and have been judging at Horse Show today and again tomorrow so intend to have a good rest on Tuesday/Wednesday before being back in the grindstone again. My eldest son lives in Bahrain so we hope that when all treatment finished to visit him for a while and then maybe either jet off somewhere else or go on a cruise, anywhere just to get away from hospitals, needles and back to a normal life. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I really do appreciate the care I have had but I just feel as if I am not in control of my life anymore, I am dictated to when I go to hospital, times, treatments etc, they can even tell me how I am going to feel and for somebody as independent and used to making my own decissions, bumbling around the horse shows judging all summer it has come quite hard!!. The other thing is whats with the no going out in sun… they have just forcast a brilliant summer, looks like next stop will be superdrug to stock up on factor 20 cooking lard!!. Good luck to you all, sorry I rambled but feeling a little low today