cmf? Has anyone else on here had to have cmf in cycles where u have one dose one fri then have to go back the following fri for another dose. My onc has decided that due to my bad reactions to caf and fec i now have to go on this regime for 5 more sessions. After this fridays second dose i will then have 3 weeks gap before i have to go through it all again. Just feel very nervous as it is going to mean side effects will take longer to disperse, and i’m not even sure i have the guts to go through with it all. Has anyone else had to endure this regime, how have you coped and is it as unbearable as it feels at the moment. Feel terribly down today as really scared this is sign that they are struggling to kill off cancer cells, would really appreciate desperately hearing from anyone else who has completed this journey and can show that it is bearable and you do eentually get to the end of this even longer darker tunnel. Thank you

hi mounties I am on cmf I had 4 epi and 1 cmf I get another 1 on wednesday and then another 2 in 3 weekly intervals. I have got bad side effects with the cmf I can hardly walk and the pains up my legs and arms are terrible. I feel 68 instead of 48 I have stopped going out as I am so bad tempered all the time. I am sorry to hear about your other problem with hubby mine is the same he just doesnt understand we are rowing all the time. I do spend a lot of time in my bedroom just to get away from him he has never once given me a hug or a cuddle I feel he just does not care. At the moment I hate him well most of the time I hate him. If he ever get ill then I would do exactly the same to him as he has done to me. I dont know what the future holds for us but I will never feel the same way towards him again. If and when I feel well I am going to get my own back, We use to have a great life together always doing things at the weekends we were so close I couldnt have wished for a better man. You know what they say in sickness and in health I dont think he understands what that means.I do hope you get your treatment sorted out and that you feel a lot better as you have been through the mill. You Take Care Love Linda xxxxx

Do not feel down. You need to keep your head up and continue this fight. One day it will be behind us. We all react to medicaiton differently, I started on TC and also had a bad reaction. then they switch me to CMF. There are actually four different ways that CMF is administered. I am on a 14 day cycle where I take a pill Cytoxan every day for 14 days and on day 1 & 8 I get the M & F through I.V. Then have 14 days off before I start the cycle again. I will have a total of 6 cycles that will last for 6 months. I am almost done with my 2nd cycle. CMF is very tolerable. The most important advise I can give you is to drink LOTS of water. Regardlss of which meds. you rec. through the I.V try to drink or suck on ice chips while recieving it. Start to drink the day before and continue for a few days after. I have not had to take any nausea medication throughout my process. You will need to find what is right for you. Some people need to eat a light meal prior to treatment, where I have found that I do better on an empty stomache.

Hi Mounties,

I have had 4 epi’s and start on CMF a week on Wednesday with the same regime as you. IV drugs day 1 and then again on day 8 then nothing for 3 weeks - a monthly cycle with 2 IV’s. I have heard that the majority find CMF very ‘doable’ so fingers crossed we will both be fine with this one. good luck

hi All
well all this takes me back to the chemo journey.
This time last year i was going through CMF and I hated it.
I am sorry to say, sailed thorugh epi and managed it well but i agree mounties with it being adminstered on days 1 and then 8 its like chemo both weeks so although they say its 4 CMF its really 8 isnt it but they say its all one cycle.
I had the tabs for 14 days for 2 of the cycles then couldnt tolerate them so had it all via drip for last two cycles.
I was very irritable its a homonal chemo as it makes you put on weight and kills off eggs in your ovaries and i think it then has an affect on your moods.
Oh gosh how i feel for you all.

However its a year ago for me and i have hair and although fat i feel so much better than last year.
Keep going kidsssssssss it wont last forever.

Cry when you need too shout when you need too and come and moan to us who know how you feel.

Huge hugs Ruthx

gutted !! I too am onto CMF after 4x EPI. This is the way I’m getting it administrated. BUT
I went yesterday for my 2nd and was gutted when they said my haemoglobin levels were too low.
If they had said this while I was on EPI I would not have been surprised as I felt crap on that one, but I have felt really good on the CMF no sickness or fatigue.

I will try again next Tuesday and hope my levels come back up. I no from reading this forum it’s not uncommon, but you just feel it’s another set back. Just when I was thinking of going back to work.

ok moan over

Last year I had 4 epi then the cmf week one and week two then missed two weeks…I hated cmf I was so depressed i cried all the time, felt so tired i couldnt walk anywhere, my hair did start to grow back thou, and i was so breathless, but only had one time where i nearly wasnt allowed my next dose…thankfully !! so got it out the way on time.its only when i look back i can get to grips with how well i actually did cope…concidering how i was

Have been on Taxotere x4 this year and had it reduced, due to neutrophina on no 1, felt great to a point on number two, then felt a bit tired on number three but now after nuber four, and finale i can hardly move for exhaustion, so shattered and white as a ghost but hey ho onwards and upwards hopefully this is the last time i will ever have to have chemo…and just when i start to feel stronger I have the rads to look forward to…lol


Stick in there Judith i think most people have a time when they cant have the chemo because of low white cells. I was panicking because was going on holiday 2 weeks after chemo was due to finish. I had to delay second to last and just about got last one i think because i pleaded and it was the last one.

Hi Jax, gosh you poor thing from what i hear taxotere is the pits i know 2 girls who had it who were on the ward with me.

Hope its soon over and works well for you.

Is 1961 your birthday year as its mine.

Love Ruthxxx

me to Its the same regime as me. Ive had two cycles so far, and two more to go. Ive not found it to bad, much easier than the epi. The bit im finding hard now is the being a bloater and walking around looking pregnant, which is doing my head in. My hair is coming back which is great…look like a typical squaddie lol. I dont like the breathlessness bit, I love walking and being out of puff after a short while i dont like. Im hoping that my ‘podge’ is just chemo bloat and will go when its all over with…and if it isnt…lateral thigh trainer here i come!! Roll on the 18 july which is my very last lot…cant come soon enough, then its time to get zapped for 5 weeks…can handle that…no more bloomin needles for a few weeks