Co Q10

Hi All,
Does anyone know anything about Co Q10 and Co QH?

I was chatting with someone who is now 8 years NED- having had a double Mx, full clearance and was HER+++.She has taken it every day, and admits it is just habit/superstition now! I know there were some studies that said it might help cancer patients, but is that just during active treatment?

I bought some from Boots- but am just sitting looking at the packet so far!

Any advice/experience gratefully received!

Hi Tracey,

I take 3 tabs of Co Q10 per day, can’t quite remember the dosage that amounts to. I’ve been taking it since DX 2 yrs ago. I did quite a bit of research at the beginning and decided i would. In the first instance i was taking it with a view to helping maintain healthy heart funtion on the lead up to chemo but i was also aware that it had some links to cancer prevention stuff. I don’t get into the debate about whether or not these things make any difference - we’re all just trying to find our way through this rubbish in whatever way we can. I did have oncology check out there were no contra indications during chemo and have kept taking them since. Some of the stuff i’ve read would say i’m not taking a high enough dose for it to be useful in an anti-cancer type way - but its quite expensive so i take what i can afford. Hope this helps


Hi Lynn,
Thanks very much for your response. That is useful that you had your Onc check it out. I have been on herceptin for a year- so anything that can help my heart - would also be beneficial,
Thanks again,

Hi there,
Im a big fan of Co-enzyme Q10, I started taking it straight after finishing chemo in April 09, I started off on 3daily but Ive dwindled down to 2, has anyone told you that theyre a stimulant? If you have any trouble sleeping, take them at breakfast, if you have a Tesco nearby, they are quite often "buy 2 get 1 free". Love Mags xx Just remembered that my other favourite is Selenium, usually only from H. & B.s

Hi Woody,
Thanks for that. I shall take them at breakfast - I could use a bit of a stimulant at that time!!

hi there is still some concern that antioxidant supplements can stop chemo working so well.Oncologists and DR have different views on this .I was told by my oncologist not take these supplements whilst having chemo.

This is from the CRUK website.

“Some vitamins or minerals could interfere with how well cancer drugs work but we don’t know much about this yet. Some antioxidant supplements such as Co-enzyme Q10, selenium and the vitamins A, C and E can help to prevent cell damage. Some doctors think that this may stop chemotherapy working so well. But at the moment there is so little research that we just don’t know for sure. The Royal College of Radiologists advise that patients should avoid high doses of antioxidant supplements during their cancer therapy.”

best wishes melxx

Thanks Mel. I finished chemo a year ago, and have just completed my last herceptin. I’m still on Tamoxifen, but will check it out with my Onc when I next see him. I have always erred on the side of caution, and not taken anything at all- supplements I have read about seems to have good reasons for not taking, as well as taking. But I suppose I feel the need to ‘do something’ other than making life-style changes. I think I will do a bit more reading,