COC Protocol

I’m looking for anyone that has been on or is on the COC protocol at the care oncology clinic on Harley Street in London.
I have an appointment there next week to get a prescription for the repurposed drugs and keen to hear from people who have experience wether it be positive or not xx

Hi Gemzy1889

Sorry that you havent had a reply yet, hopefully someone will be along soon.  It could be that no one is able to answer your question though.  Please do post a little about yourself and your diagnosis, I feel sure that you will be offered lots of support from the friendly and welcoming users on this Forum.

Best wishes
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Hi Gemzy,
Sorry to see no one has come along to offer advise.
I am awaiting my first appointment with the COC and have spoken to a few people who have been treated by them. From what they’ve experienced their main side effects have been an upset stomach or constipation. Other than that they’ve not had any side effects from their treatment.

I hope you’ve been getting on well with their treatment!


Hi Loupita
I’ve been taking them nearly 3 weeks now and so far so good! Xx

I get mine on Friday x

Hi Ladies,

please can you explain what this is and what form of bc it’s for?



Hi just seen your message. I started COC in Novemeber. Waiting to see if it has helped just having chemo and targeted therapy. How are you getting on?


Hi Vicky,
I’ve not heard it called that it’s the COC protocol using repurposed drugs it a private clinic in London?

Yes that’s the one! So it is the same never heard it referred to as that but definitely ?? Xx

They are lovely really supportive and will provide you with lots of information and support. The clinic is really nice very relaxing. Hope all goes well. Xx


I too am in the process of sending COC my medical info. I am thinking of not going straight in with chemo and trying COC protocols first. 

Please let me know how you get on



Had my COC appt this morning. Starting straightaway. How are you getting on?