Cod Liver Oil/Glucosamine

Cod Liver Oil/Glucosamine

Cod Liver Oil/Glucosamine Hi there

On Letrozole and finding it difficult with stiff joints and achey muscles, feel like an old woman and I suppose the menopause symptoms don’t help either.

Have been taking Cod Liver oil for a few months now and have taken about 1 month of Glucosamine, not sure if either are working but will keep taking them.

Looking for somewhere on the internet to buy hopefully cheaper, can anyone recommed.

Many thanks


Hi Elaine


They are very good.

I use the Pure Emu Oil for my knees and find it helps with the stiffness.

Good Luck

Try this site I have been taking omega 3 oil and glucosamine for my back & hip for a couple of years prior to recent op. I was in hospital for 5 nights recently and noticed a big difference when I DIDN’T take them.

I get mine from here and the glucosamine is a lot cheaper.

Hope this helps


On line vitamins I used healthy direct. Have used Goldshield in the past too.

Hope you find what you need.