Cod Liver Oil ?

Hello to everyone, does anyone on here take cod liver oil for achy joints? I saw my onc this morning who said it was fine to take (on maintanence H&P) but just wondered if anyone could tell me if it works. My joint aches are a side effect of H&P and in my knees and fingers mainly. Thank you all. Hope you all doing well. 


julia x 

Hi Julia


Just read your post.  I took Col Liver Oil for years, it works very well.  When I was diagnosed with SBC I was told it was fine to continue.  However, after 3 cycles of the chemo drug Epirubicin it was found not to be working (I have SBC in lung and fluid built up and I had to have it clared out).  By this time I had read a report that Cod Liver Oil can STOP CHEMO FROM WORKING.  This was confirmed after I asked for a 2nd time.  I am now on a different Chemo (Paclitaxol) 


Needles to say, I no longr take Cod Liver Oil, it might have just been coincidence or bad luck that the Epirubicin did not work, but I am coming up for my 5th cycle of Paclitaxol and feel OK.  I am not willing to take a chance with Cod Liver Oil again.  Of course my arthritus symptoms are starting to return but so be it.  Hope this helps,