Coil Marker Insertion

Having been for an annual mammogram (due to family history), it was discovered i had an area of thickening. I had a fine needle test and this was followed up by a core biopsy which was inconclusive so i was sent for an MRI scan which i was unable to go through with due to being terribly claustrophobic. I was told i would be called back for another biopsy but this morning a letter arrived inviting me for a “Coil Marker Insertion”, i have no idea what this is and how they do it. Can anyone give me an idea bearing in mind at this point I have not been diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

Odd. I’d ring to ask them if that’s what they mean or whether they’ve booked you in for the wrong thingy.
I’ve had core biopsy and then separately another appointment during chemotherapy to have a coil marker put into the middle of the lump to make sure than if and when it shrinks to nothing, the surgeon can tell where it was. So it sounds odd to have that done before they know anything.

PS I’m claustrophobic as well and hate MRIs but get through it with tablets and having hubby there to talk to me. They can sedate you if that’s an option, I think?

Ann x

Thanks Anne. I did have a sedative before I went but didnt feel it did me any good. I’ll give the BC nurses a phone because reading all the information about this on this site, it doesnt seem to add up as to why im getting this procedure at this stage. Thanks for your response.