Cold cap advise needed!

Had chemo (FEC and Taxol) 5 years ago and had a wig which I hated more than anything including losing a breast!! I have an 11 year old son and 7 year old daughter and don’t want them to see me like that again so i’m trying the cold cap this time.
I Started weekly paclitaxel 3 weeks ago,
Unfortunately though, I didn’t use the coldcap on my very first treatment because I’d just had a port put in and felt ill. I have used it for the 2 weeks since then but I’m now gutted that I didn’t use it in the first week. The last few days my hair has definitely started to fall out. So far it’s unnoticable to others but can’t help thinking if it carries on at the same rate how will I get though another 21 weeks!!
I’m new to the forum but am in desperate need of any help/ reassurance re the cold cap.
Has anyone had 6 months weekly Paclitaxel with the cold cap and if so did it work?
Does the rate of hair loss slow down or change throughout treatment?
Can anyone recommend which shampoo and conditioner I should use?
Can’t stop touching my hair and every time I do more strands fall out - feeling really fed up and anxious about it because really don’t want to go back to scarves and wigs.



I’ve cold capped thru 4 x EC so far and about to change to paclitaxel. I’ve had some shedding, maybe about 20% ish of my hair gone but it’s not really noticeable unless you are looking for it.

A lady I see every week is up to 10/12 taxol using the cold cap and has had minimal hair loss so there’s every chance you’ll keep most. I’ve also read that some people see regrowth starting whilst on the taxol too.

I only wash my hair once a week and try to avoid touching it or fiddling with it too much which is why some days I’m rocking the scarecrow look :slight_smile: I’ve not bought any particular shampoo or conditioner, I’ve got the herbal essences honey ones which seem to be ok.

I had great results from the cold cap and used it for all my chemo sessions. Don’t wash your hair too often and never under a shower. I did not use and special shampoo, just whatever I had indoors but I did use a leave in conditioner. I washed it, patted it dry, sprayed it with leave in conditioner then combed with a wide tooth comb. THEN I LEFT IT ALONE.

Thanks for your replies - that has given me hope!! Tryung not to touch / mess with my hair and going to persevere with the cold cap. Fingers crossed ? i’ll keep enough of it to look ok.