Cold cap advise please

hi I haven’t posted for a while and have recently started ebrilin, and using the cold cap as have lost hair twice before and thought I’d give it a go! I had my 4 th treatment today and feel like the cap was not as tight as previous times, plus not as painful, up to now it’s worked brilliantly with no hair loss. On previous times once removed there is still traces of ice and imprint of cap. But today just cold and wet. I now feel really anxious that they have used the wrong size cap and it won’t work so I feel like I’ve wasted all the times before and feel really angry if this is the case!!! Has anyone had this  experience and can give me some positive feed back please. I wear a small cap and I think maybe a medium one was used, the lovely nurse who has always done it before was off today and when I said it didn’t feel the same I was just told I’ve got use to it! Any info would be most grateful, thanks sarn 123 xxxxxx

Dear Sarn

i don’t have experience of the cold cap but I have had Eribulin.  I kept my hair, as many women do, so please keep positive.

best wishes

Bumpkin x