Cold cap and scalp/skull mets?

Does anyone have any views about using the cold cap? The only research I
can find is for primary not secondary bc. Has anyone seen any research
for the latter?

Did anyone use it and end up with scalp or skull mets?

I am starting weekly chemo on Monday and was going to try the cold cap
but now I am not sure. I asked my onc about it and he said it wouldn’t
make scalp mets more likely but I read of another onc who would not
allow it.

Ann x

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Morning buddyfan

Sorry I did not get the chance to try cold cap back in 2009. Wish I had the opportunity. Nothing worse than losing your hair. When I go to the chemo unit I have noticed quite a few people now seem have it. I would say it is definitely worth a try. If I ever had to have chemo again I would try it.