Cold cap, eyebrows and eyelashes

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Some of you may know that in posting as my mum as IDC grade three with lymph node involvement. Had CT scan and awaiting result and chemo due to start dec 1st (FEC-T). She is 63.
She is wondering about the cold cap. Can you tell me what success, or lack of, that you had? Is it something you pay for or is it part of treatment?
Also - eyebrows and eyelashes? Did you lose them and what can be done? Can you wear false lashes whilst undergoing chemo? Thankyou in advance

Hi Daisy, I personally didn’t use the cold cap. I knew the success rate was low (although appreciate some people do very well with it) and it affects the condition of any remaining hair so couldn’t see the point in going through the pain myself, although it’s a personal decision and I’m not decrying anyone who chooses to go down that route, your mum won’t have to pay to use the cold cap, but will probably have to provide her own hair conditioner. As for eyebrows and eyelashes, my oncologist told me that head hair is fast growing, hence falls out quickly, but eyebrows and eyelashes are slow growing so take longer to fall out (but will take longer then to grow back), not everybody loses their eyebrows and eyelashes. I hung onto enough eyebrow to fill in the gaps but lost all of my eyelashes, I didn’t actually find this a problem as long as I used eyeliner. I wouldn’t recommend false eyelashes as the glue will be an irritant to the eyes. Also try and get your mum booked onto a Look a Good Feel Better Workshop, they’ll teach her how to apply her make up and she’ll get a fabulous bag of goodies too. Take care CC x

Hi Daisy
Here’s a link to a recent thread about cold caps which may be useful:

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Lucy BCC

Hi Daisy. Sorry to hear about your Mums diagnosis.

I had FEC-T chemo and finished at the end of july. I did try the cold cap but my hair fell out anyway along with my eyebrows and eyelashes but I have a fantastic wig that is giving me lots of confidence. Yes you can wear false eyelashes and I penciled in eyebrows. However the lovely lady who helped me choose my wig suggested a longish fringe so that when I lost my eyebrows it wasn’t noticeable. If your Mum does choose to try the cold cap I have heard that it works better with shorter hair. I did have my hair cut short but unfortunately it didn’t work for me but for some ladies it does.

I hope your Mums treatment goes well

SML xx

Thankyou all - I’ll pass that info onto her now to help her decide. She has a week to her pre assessment and just over a week to starting chemo.

Thankyou Sunshiney. Sorry to hear that you’ve had to go through it with your mum and now yourself. Pleased to hear that you’re having minimal loss with the lashes etc. hopefully my mum will hang on to some as I think she feels more vulnerable being older. The body hair loss doesn’t sound bad!
I’m assuming the lashes/brows remaining have nothing to do with the cold cap?

Thanks for the reply